AnimeLab Android - With Chromecast
Anime streaming service AnimeLab, run by Australian based Madman Entertainment as a successor to their Madman Screening room has launched their Android app and miracle of miracles it comes with Chromecast support.

The AnimeLab streaming service currently offers over 60 shows, with more than 1000 episodes available, for free. You can of course stream shows through the AnimeLab which offers a HTML5 player, but there’s now an Android app to let you take the show on the road, and of course it has Chromecast support as well.

The Android app offers a heap of features, many of which are outstanding for a first round app, including:

  • Stream in multiple bitrates and resolutions
  • Choose from Japanese with subtitles or English dubs (where available)
  • Use the play queue to customise your viewing experience
  • Watch as much as you want, whenever you want
  • Beam directly to your Chromecast

AnimeLab has included a fully featured Tablet app interface as well as Phone interface. It’s a pleasure to see such work has gone into the app. The sign-up process offers a choice between signing up with an email address, or you can choose to use Facebook login. After that, you’re good to go.

If you enjoy great anime, then head over to Google Play and grab AnimeLab and check out what it has to offer, there’s some great titles there like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and a full range of other titles to explore.

AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
Price: To be announced
Source: @animemadman.
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    I hate it’s not available in the netherlands. I know no other streaming sites for anime like this. And I really want to watch it on my chromecast


    I hate to be that guy.. but they still don’t have Google login…

    Works great though. Might get me watching a bit of anime. Have recommended this to a few guys at work who are into anime and they love it.