Google Earth
Google Earth really is amazing, you can view a 3D experience of the globe, spinning around and zooming in and out at will. Today, Google has announced that version 8.0 which promises to bring a smoother experience all round.

To start with Google has enhanced the 3D experience with a faster rendering technology in what they say is the first overhaul to the technology since it launched over 10 years ago. The zooming experience will also get smoother with faster, crisper transitions. Google has also improved the updating technology so maps render faster.

And if you’re into importing map data, like those people who use Google’s My Tracks run-tracking app, then importing of KML files into Google Earth is easier. Google has now implemented an option to directly import the files in Google Earth now.

If you’ve go the Google Earth app installed, then you should be prompted to update shortly, if you haven’t used Google Earth for a while, it’s time to revisit it and see what’s new.

Google Earth
Google Earth
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Lat-Long Blog.
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    Just got the update to Google Earth.
    The KML file import idea is a half baked implementation, as its file selection dialogue will only access a users Google Drive, and has no facility for accessing any KML files a user might have stored on their device.

    Daniel Tyson

    Works fine for my purposes anyway. Finish a run, upload from My Tracks to Drive, then open in Earth.


    not good enough for you Jeni. What a shock!


    The point is that I shouldn’t HAVE to use Google Drive, to store a KML I generate in Google Earth on my desktop, just so I can use that KML in GE on my Android device.

    GE on the device should be able to access KMLs stored on the device.

    Phill Edwards

    Probably a bit unrelated, but as you mentioned My Tracks and KML files…I find it such a pain that I can’t map out a route online and import it into Google Maps for car navigation. Does anyone else find this frustrating?


    Google had the stupids when they put that particular idea into operation.


    I love the desktop program. I use it all the time both at work and home.
    It overlaps with Google Maps… Maps inherited much its power and ideas from Earth… but Earth is better for pure geographic browsing the planet, rather than navigation and nearby shops. Spin the Globe and zoom into somewhere random.


    Hope the v8.0 update shows up soon. Google Play Store is still telling me that v7.1.3 is the most recent available.