Moto 360 HEader
After being tipped on pricing for the Motorola Moto 360 the other day, Motorola has this afternoon announced official pricing and availability for the Android Wear watch.

The watch will be available in two styles: Stainless Steel Black with Black leather band, and Stainless Steel Silver with Stone leather band from October 31st in both Australia and New Zealand, for a RRP of A$329/NZ$359. The Moto 360 will be available with a steel band version early next year for a price of A$359/NZ$395.

While Motorola hasn’t announced which retailers will be stocking the watch, we know that Harvey Norman has it on their system, and we’re pretty sure that other retailers carrying Motorola products, such as the Moto E, Moto G and Moto X will carry it as well; Stores such as JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys and Dick Smith Electronics.

Screen 1.5” 320 x 290, 205ppi Backlit LCD with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Processor: TI OMAP™ 3
RAM: 512MB
Storage: 4GB
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Sensors: Pedometer
Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
Water Resistance: IP67
Battery/Power: 320mAh All day (mixed use) 1Wireless charging with charging dock included
Dimensions: 46mm diameter by 11mm high
Weight with Leather Band: 49g

We’ve already checked out the Moto 360 and found it to be a stunning example of Android Wear, you can read all about Chris’ experience with the Moto 360 in his review.

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Failed source of information!!


Ok, so Harvey Norman seem to be the only retailer that knows anything about it. I reserved one at one store after calling another who had no knowledge of it and no details in his system.


They said to me today, that the aus wholesaler likely doesn’t have them in the country at the moment, and that it could be ~23rd of Nov. that they come in.

🙁 nooo thats ages away. I really hope not.

Harry Hanelt

Been to the good guys, Harvey Norman, and dick Smith and no one has the watch and they can’t tell me when it’ll be released. Dick Smith didn’t even have it on their system!

Vijay Bhatia

Has anyone actually confirmed they will ahve stock on friday? every retailer I have called cant confirm when they will get stock if at all.


same with me, those that say one is reserved have probably just had someone say they will do so if they come in, at this stage no retailer from my calls knows if they are getting stock, they will know tomorrow afternoon.

Vijay Bhatia

I was talking to one person at harveys and not even their supplier (ingram micro) seems to have it yet :s

Phillip Molly Malone

Harvey Norman at the Springvale Homemaker center have said they will get 4 (which I have reserved 1) but not sure if its Friday or Saturday.


Where abouts did they confirm Friday’s date. I spoke to Motorola Live Chat and also Harvey Norman live chat and neither could give me any info. 🙁

Daniel Tyson

This information was all supplied in a press release.

Phillip Molly Malone

I just pre-ordered one from Harvey Norman Springvale. They said they would have 4 units but couldn’t say if it was released Friday or Saturday! Color me excited!


I went to Alexandria today, the guy was useless, didn’t know about it and didn’t attempt to look it up. I then rang JB, it is in the system but no stock on order or in the system however that may change but JB will have it eventually.

Justin Lane

Just a heads up for anyone looking Harvey Norman have them currently listed as available in November with a price tag of 400 – way to go Harvey……. rip offs…

Avon Perera

Uhh… I called the FG store and they said the list price is $329 in their system (as per the other post). Are you sure you’re not confusing it with the NZ HN?

Justin Lane

Looks like they have fallen into line, it was in the system as 400 till today…

Avon Perera

Well I have no idea what happened there… I called them up 2 days ago when the other Moto 360 post went up and that was when they told me it was $329…


it was HN NZ that you saw, till this morning they were not listing them on their website at all here.


Wondering if they will get any stock at FG and did you reserve one?

Avon Perera

Yeah I’ve already got a light one (silver with stone grey leather) on hold for me

Nick Tsiotinos

That sounds great – I’ve already got the black – might get myself the silver for Xmas!


just got mine imported today, lol


Lol, so did I!!! This makes me kinda mad they took so long to release it!


Anyone with small wrists tried this? Want to get one for my wife. She tried my gear live, and it was much too big, so hoping this might be a bit smaller…


I have small wrists for a guy (6th snallest setting) and it fits just fine. I got my girlfriend to try it on too, she has small wrists for a female (smallest setting) and its too big on her. Hope that helps


Can you show us a picture of the watch, your wrist and something to scale (ruler?) please?


Please also include your drivers license, username and a copy of today’s newspaper


fantastic, I fly out that night so can buy the watch and claim back the GST that night just have to get it early enough to fully charge and setup.

Ben Walker

ooohhh yeah

Phillip Molly Malone

YAY! Should be available from Google Play, right?


I think not from what I read.

Daniel Tyson

No, it will only be available from retailers. At least that’s what Motorola intimated when we spoke to them last month


excellent, it will be good to have a bit of hands on time with it at retailers… see how the size looks etc.