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Side Load Launcher
Chainfire, who we all know and love as the might behind the SuperSU app for root access on Android phones and tablets, as well as a variety of hacks and tricks all over the shop has turned his attention to Android TV. Frustrated with a lack of an easy way to access games, apps etc. that he’d installed on the ADT-1 dev version of Android TV, he created his own mini-launcher: Sideload Launcher.

While you can’t really install apps to the ADT-1 from Google Play, Google still requires apps for Android TV to be ‘whitelisted’ for the platform, but you sure as heck can sideload as many as you wish and Sideload Launcher lets you see those apps. The app is available now in Google Play, but this app can be installed to your ADT-1(or Nexus Player when they begin to roll out) and you can then access all those apps you’ve sideloaded.

ADT-1 Install to Google Play

Once installed your apps are then launchable, although how they react on Android TV is hit and miss.
Sideload Launcher Screenshot

Now all we need to do is wait on Google to launch the Nexus Player here in Australia. We’re still looking at the ADT-1 dev box we have (just installed the latest OTA), so we’ll be keeping up on all the development as it happens.

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