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There’s been a little confusion surrounding a feature that Google announced would be included in Lollipop, as to whether or not it would work on the Nexus 6 – Double-Tap to Wake. But according to Wired’s Mat Honan, the phone does indeed come with the feature.

The Double-Tap to wake is listed on the spec list for the Nexus 9 under the Technical Specifications on the Google Play entry, but so far the Nexus 6 Technical specifications on Google Play don’t make any mention of the feature. So there has been some back and forth between Nexus fans on whether this would be present. Mat Honan further stirred controversy when he wrote this paragraph about his hands on time with the phone :

And then there’s the Nexus 6 display. We didn’t get a chance to fully put it through its paces, but the 6-inch Quad HD AMOLED display packs in 493 ppi and is just stunning to look at. We also liked the way you can just double tap on it now to wake it up, and instantly get to your notifications. This was very… handy.

This could have just been talking about the Nexus 9, as apparently Google has been running brief hands-on demos with the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Lollipop, but Chris Chavez from Phandroid reached out on Twitter to ask and Mat confirmed the feature was present

So there you go, we can put this to rest now, the Nexus 6 will have double-tap to wake. That will make using the giant-sized phone just a little easier to use.

Source: PhandroidWired.
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I want to know if the Nexus 5 supports this or not


Any word on OTG capability for the Nexus 6 and 9?

David Deng

Hopefully N5 could do that too after upgrading to Lollipop….


swipe to wake? Swipe to sleep? hehe. j/k, although they are also handy implementations.