Google loves to launch product by invite – Gmail, Wave(ok, that didn’t go so well), Google+ and now their latest venture Inbox. When announcing the new product yesterday, Google advised people to email [email protected] to request an invite to the system, and it looks like a wave of invites has just gone out.

Google is running a twitter account – @inboxbygmail which has just announced that a second wave of invites has now gone out.

Of course if Google is sending them out on a first come, first serve basis you could be in trouble. Many Aussies didn’t request an invite until hours after the product had been made public. Still, it’s promising that the invites are being sent out and bodes well for a potentially quick rollout to users wanting to try the service out.

Source: @inboxbygmail.
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Nope, not this round


I got one too but via a friend who works for Google.

I’ve used it on a Nexus and on a PC using Chrome. It’s got some interesting features but it will take a bit of getting used to.

It’s really a rethinking of the priority inbox idea, which I never warmed to. Hopefully this will work better.


I got one. I emailed [email protected] round 5:30 am. I like it so far. I used it on my desktop this afternoon and on my phone for 20 minutes or so. Reading something in inbox shows up as read in Gmail too. Trashing and marking as done works too.

The only painful things seems to be setting up for old emails to go to the right label. I couldn’t find a way to process all emails.

giacomo moraglia

still waiting


Nope – Google doesn’t love us… Or because we’re in Australia, we were already late to the party.


That’s what I’m thinking.

Seems like a lot of Americans got the invite. Haven’t heard of any Australians getting it.

David Burke

Not yet but fingers crossed!

Nathan Reed

None yet. Hopefully someone on Ausdroid has some to share soon.

Ben Booth

Nope 🙁


The way we used to do it back in the day on MacTalk, was the first person who gets an invite gives it to the person who comments under them, they give one invite to the person under them, etc, etc.

Just a thought. Now who has an invite!


Nope 🙁


No… I would love one though.

Will Dutton

Not yet 🙁