Inbox by Gmail

Google has just released a Chrome app for the new Inbox by Gmail service to the Chrome Web Store. The app adds an icon to your Chrome apps menu to allow easy access to Inbox.

At time of writing, the app doesn’t appear to be anything more than a ‘glorified bookmark’ to, but there’s every chance that it offers greater functionality than what appears on the surface. At any rate, it’s probably worth adding to your Chrome apps, if for no other reason than to get new functionality pushed to your browser or ChromeOS device as it comes out. It also comes with a shiny icon, and who doesn’t love those?

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
Price: Free

Source: Chrome Story.
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Does anyone have an in… Oh never mind 🙁

Matthew T.

Hang tight, there should be more invites on the way soon. Also, those people lucky enough to already have Inbox should be getting invites to hand out to friends sometime tomorrow.


Thanks for the info Matthew, I’m hanging to try it out. Will be very interested to compare the differences on Android and iOS.

Regarding invites I was speaking to someone on Twitter who is using it and he said you can’t invite other people yet (you can apparently only get an invite directly from Google at the moment). Hopefully they open up inviting friends soon though.