Earlier this month we were given a look at a Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L, or Lollipop as we now know it to be called. It looks like the development is running well, because rumours are circulating that the phone will start receiving the Lollipop update fairly soon.

SamMobile has been advised by one of their sources, possibly the same source who provided the hands-on video of the Lollipop build, that Samsung may be ready to begin rollouts to at least some handsets by late November or early December. This won’t be to all handsets, with carrier testing being required for a majority of handsets before the update will be ready to roll out.

The Android 5.0 code source has yet to be pushed to AOSP, so it may be later rather than sooner before the update hits phones, although most Open Handset Alliance (OHA) members get early access to upcoming Android code prior to the AOSP push through the Partner Development Kit (PDK). It’s a pretty big update though, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Sammobile.
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Paul Smedley

Telstra should have it available by 2016

David Deng

UX looks pretty outdated. Pretty much like the current KK version….Samsung has really done a “great” job to get rid of the most of the nice design from Lollipop….Lucky me! I’m with N5