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This morning Telstra opened their pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and they’ve been talking up how fast the phone will be, with carrier aggregation on their 700MHz and 1800MHz networks since it was announced. But just how fast will the phone be? Well, the answer is REALLY fast.

Ausdroid reader @porkfatt tweeted us a picture of a Speedtest run on the Telstra network and we’re quite frankly astounded. Check it out:

We’re assuming that the phone is an import, due to the fact that the Galaxy Note 4 isn’t due to go on-sale on Telstra or other carriers until the 5th of November. Where the test was taken also is unknown at this stage, but we hope to find out. Of course, at these speeds that means you’ll blow through data caps even quicker, but it’s great to know when you want the speed, Telstra won’t be found lacking.

Source: @porkfatt.
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Might need to consider increasing my data….not sure I can last with 1.5GB




Not really, note the ping time 36ms and adsl 2 for me 6ms. Data caps are much smaller and distance drops fast so hard lines are around for a long time yet.

Benjamin Dobell

6ms is an insane ping, where do you live (approximately) and what are you pinging? My ADSL2+ ping to Google’s DNS ( actually fluctuates between 36ms and 46ms, so I’d be very happy with a 36ms ping and 190 Mbps! However, you’re correct that fixed line networks will be around for a long time, but it has nothing to do with their ping – it’s because whilst this user got 190 Mbps, they chewed up 63.34% of the tower’s entire theoretical capacity. Everyone on a Cat 6 LTE tower share the same 300 Mbps. In saying that, in terms of… Read more »


Telstra’s had the Note 4 and Note Edge in their Sydney Discovery Store for the last week, FWIW.

Not sure if they have 700mhz in Sydney CBD yet 🙂

Andrew Palozzo

Wow… that is sooo fn fast!! haha i wonder how much data that speedtest alone chewed up!

Also do we know if nexus 6 support LTE-A yet?