Pebble Steel - DSE
After a long run as the exclusive Australian retail supplier of one of the best known smartwatches on the market – the Pebble, Dick Smith will begin selling the Pebble Steel in Australia on the 28th of October.

Shown off in their latest catalogue, the Pebble Steel – available in Matte Black only – is also showing on the Dick Smith website, where it will sell for $269 from today. It’s actually a fairly competitive price when compared against the GetPebble website, which sells the watch for US$199 but with a leather band. Adding a metal band will cost an extra US$20, taking it to US$219 (approximately AU$250) but you can get it delivered for free after several weeks (or pay US$35 for express shipping).

Of course, in a world where Android Wear is making pretty big waves for Android users, and the Apple Watch is getting Apple fans excited for whats to come, Pebble stands out by having a foot planted firmly in both eco-systems. But supporting both mobile OS’s may prove to be a limiting factor when Apple and Google can really specialise with their respective eco-systems. But there’s a lot of support for Pebble out there.

You can purchase the Pebble Steel through delivery, or Click and Collect from the website. If you just can’t wait though, check out your local Dick Smith Electronics store where stock should be available fairly quickly.

Source: Dick Smith.
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Edwin Crump

Anyone know if the light stainless steel version is coming as well?


Shame they’re not selling the Pebble Steel bands. I’m still waiting for Amazon to get some in stock so I can use it on the Moto 360.