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Material Design ChromeOS
Material Design is Google’s new cross platform design language which will be used across their mobile, desktop and web platforms. The Android Material Design look is about to rollout to Android devices with the release of Android Lollipop, but ChromeOS is about to see just a hint of things to come with a new wallpaper.

If you’re familiar with the current Android L(Lollipop) Developer Preview, you’ll be intimately familiar with the above wallpaper, which is the default option when you first login. OMGChrome has downloaded the new wallpaper destined for ChromeOS devices, which is available in two resolutions (1366×800 and 2560×1700) and posted on the Chromium Issue Tracker thread which is organising the push.

Soon after Google I/O we saw Project Athena, which is the code-name for the Material Design makeover of ChromeOS. At that stage it was just in its initial stages, but three months on it’s surely progressed a fair way since then. This wallpaper is likely just the start of things to come. When we’ll see the push of the wallpaper isn’t clear, hopefully we’ll see it soon, until then you can download the wallpapers and get an early taste.

Source: 1366x800 via Imgur2560x1700 via Imgur.
Via: OMGChrome.