The Nexus Player may have finally received FCC certification in the US and finally gone back up for pre-order in the US, but out here in the rest of the world, availability information remains scarce.
Rumours are now starting to circulate that Google may be holding the Nexus Player back from international release and will roll it out on a schedule that mirrors the Chromecast launch.

According to Dutch site, Techtastic, Google won’t be rolling the Nexus Player out to Europe until the end of Q1 2015. Essentially around the same time that the Chromecast launched in the UK this year. The reason for this is that Google would like to ensure that there is enough content deals in place, as well as app availability at launch and this is not currently in place.

According to their source, the Nexus Player will retail for €99 and will be available through both Google Play and electronics retailers. The rollout in Europe will be include England, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

We’re still waiting to hear anything on Australian availability of the Nexus Player. If you’ve got any sources we’d love to hear from you.

Source: Techtastic.
Via: GSMArena.
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I like me a nexus device, although I am very disappointed at the entire 2014 line up, but apparently I’m not their only customer ;). That said I want/ NEED a Nvidia Shield Player (fantasy device ATM). A well powered android settop box version of the new tablet + cat6 I’d get o Android TV Interface o side load XBMC o NVIDIA GameStream 0 Nvidia wireless controller which I’ve heard good things about. (need cat 6 for stutter free game streaming and bluray playback amusing XBMC gets the right support.) This is would buy. Im not buying a normal set… Read more »


I am with you Duncan, not really taken by the Nexus lineup this year. Good excuse to save some cash, my splurge will be an Android Wear device and that’s about it.


I’m loving my moto 360, but in my opinion the battery life is not great. with ambient off I often have to flick my wrist, press the button or tap the screen (which often registers as a double tap and opens ok google, agrahhh). So in my opinion ambient completely disables the watch functionality of my watch, you know glancing at the time. with the new update with ambiant on I can last from 0630 – 2100 until it is dead. but I loose the watch for the lat 3 hours (i seem to check the time less at home… Read more »


So going by that rollout pattern, when might it be likely that Google would officially allow Australia to buy the Nexus Player?

Daniel Tyson

Chromecast launched officially in Australia on May 28th. So….


going by that date and if wiki info is correct, July 24, 2013; 14 months ago (United States) was the release date of Chromecast. So we should expect it to release here by end of August next year D:


Thanks for that Dan


Jeni apart from your Aldi tablet and old LG phone what have you bought ? You never seem to buy anything yet always have an issue with products and when they are to be released.
Are you thinking of anything in the nexus line or other ?


I tried to replace my LG P500 Optimus One in mid 2013 with the Optus LG P713 L7 II. That turned out to be an utter failure. No way to get root on the P713, so no way to restore a TiBu backup to it. The Aldi tablet I bought mid 2013, is a replacement for my Telstra T-Touch Tab (Telstra rebadge of the Huawei Smarkit S7-104). Like the T-Touch, the Aldi is a WiFi/3G data/3G phone tablet. For the way I use tablets, having a tablet that can be used as a hands free speaker phone is a must.… Read more »


I would get the nexus 5 if I was you, or wait for a discount. I know you want more storage but for me 16 has just been enough 32 would be a bit of overkill for my needs, I stream all else I want. The 5 isn’t perfect but it is close to it for the $. In the end how much media can you possibly play on our device, store all you want but you will usually only use a small percentage of it. Good point on the player but will it have or support a local media… Read more »


That’s the whole point though Larry. My needs for devices aren’t the same as yours. If Moto hadn’t shafted AU with the X gen 2, I’d’ve been all over that like a rash. Instead, what they grudgingly permitted us to have access to is the bottom spec model, at the top spec price. LG G3, another promising model, but they shafted almost everyone, by heavily restricting access to the decent models. Sony Xperia Z3 series, disabling hardware functionality simply for using Sony’s own app to unlock the bootloader, is something I do not regard acceptable. As for Samsung TouchWiz, and… Read more »