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With US pre-orders for the Nexus 6 due to go live in the wee hours of Friday morning, we’ve been wondering whether prospective Australian customers will be included in the fun or not.

Google hasn’t actually told us when pre-orders will begin for Australia (but then they seldom do), rumours have put the phone’s release window in December for the UK, while Motorola’s official statement after the launch announcements did say that the phone would be available for pre-orders here before the end of the month. Of course, a pre-order isn’t a promise of delivery by a particular date, either.

With that end-of-the-month window closing quickly this week, we’re seeing chatter on Whirlpool that Google Play customer service staff are confirming to people over the phone that the phone will be available for pre-order tomorrow morning. Don’t get super excited yet though – it seems as soon as this information broke, others started calling and were given conflicting information.

We also placed our own call, and were told that tomorrow’s pre-order is only for the US. Boo.

If we are to see pre-orders start here tomorrow, we’d expect the phone to suddenly appear on the Play store some time around 3 or 4am on the east coast, much as we saw with the Nexus 9 and Nexus 5.

Will you wait up to pre-order a Nexus 6? Set an alarm? Or have you decided to go with another phone? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Whirlpool Post 1Whirlpool Post 2.
Thanks: Dev Paul and everyone else who sent this in!.
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it’s the 5th of december already and still no sign of Nexus 6 yet…real bummer.


Seems like Nexus 6 will be launched in Australia very soon…just found that they have updated the price from $869 to A$869


er…is it out yet?


We’ll have to wait until Christmas… god damn google.


really? how do you know?


no D:

Hayden Jones

The article does say early Friday morning… Does this mean we have another night of no sleep?

JL Picard

That was a typo. The US pre-order was early this morning.

Me me me

It doesn’t show up in the Australian play store yet 🙁


Hmmm… the Nexus 6 is a great phone. I’m thinking it’s just outside of my deemed nexus price golden range. I’m thinking I might give the 6 a miss and wait to see what the project ara brings or the nexus 5.2. Having said that I’m going to be doing more work tonight so I imagine I’ll be awake for the unveiling… if it’s unveiled.


I’ll be checking the Play store when I get up. Not sure I’ll be getting up at 4am though!

Caleb Johns

I pray to God that Kogan get it in stock.


If I knew it was coming to Aus tomorrow, I’d stay up. But given the uncertainty 🙁 I’ll just check when I normally get up with faint hopes of a miracle.

Blake Seufert

C’mon John, you and me can get up early! Nice to see i’m not the only deperado searching around for this 😉

Dylan Wheeler

Consider the diehards in WA who will basically be getting up mid sleep, then hopefully going back to sleep, if I can fight the excitement.

Blake Seufert

Except it’s a no go this morning for Aus! As usual we’ll wait around for some unofficial announcement!

Dylan Wheeler

Just tired and grumpy at work today now :/

Stephen Crisafulli

This is Motorola if it’s out side the US they couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. I put official Australian availability at 6 months minimum


Hey guys,

The title of this article is a statement – not a question, which makes it confusing and misleading. “Are Australian Nexus 6 Pre-orders going to begin tomorrow on Google Play?” is a very simple change, and much less confusing, especially when glancing at the url.

I will be waiting and watching the store, but only expect to be wasting my time.

Jason Murray

I don’t really see a problem with the title of the article (brevity is a lovely thing), but I can see how only looking at the URL would be confusing. Sorry about that!


Do you really think people are that naive? Now that is a question, but don’t bother answering because it is rhetorical. People click on URLs for articles such as yours based on the title. I will hazard a guess that your title is deliberately misleading. You have no idea any more than anyone else about the Australian release, but you were able to get us to read your article only to find no information of any use, by getting tricked into it by your statement, which if you were trying to be truthful should have been a question. I don’t… Read more »


I think it is pretty obvious that the author knows no more than everyone else and deliberately writes a misleading title to increase the hit count for his article!

Iain Simmons

Wow! A blogger who wants you to read his article… someone call the police! I think people will click when they think they might get some information on something they find interesting. Anyone who clicked through would at least get the confirmation that no one knows for sure when it will be available in Australia and that you shouldn’t get your hopes up if you were planning on buying one at the same time it goes on sale in the US. If the title was phrased as a question, you’d still get people here complaining, and you’d still get the… Read more »


No not at all, the author is doing this on the side for the love of it so I suggest you go elsewhere if it offends you so much.

Daniel Tyson

So you missed the question mark on the end of the title huh? Report was on hearsay from Whirlpool, we added in what effort we made and there’s the post. We do appreciate a click to come read our work, but we also don’t make anything from the site, so please consider that, we do this as a hobby.


Actually Daniel tacking a question mark on the end of a statement does not make a question but you are right, this is a hobby and people should just get over it. You are not making money from this and the effort is appreciated so NEXT!!!


Ok, in that case I concede. If this is a hobby and not some sinister plot to make money by fooling people (which I so arrogantly concluded), I am sorry for my comments. Keep up the good work. PS: I am not being sarcastic or anything, just sincerely rectifying my mistake.


A question mark doesn’t make a statement a question though? It’s quite clearly not a question? When you search Google for nexus 6 and see the result for this post it looks nothing like a question and isn’t?

Jason Murray

Y’all really know how to make me want to continue writing news, thanks a bunch.


I like reading your articles, Jason, and watching you and the other regulars record the Ausdroid Podcasts.
Don’t let grammar nazis like NBP grind you down.


droidturbo would be the fruit


Has many people changed their mind about getting this phone? From what I’ve read, quite a few folks have been put off by the screen side.


Not me, not changed my mind am not getting it.. Too many $$$ and too big.


Alarm set


Would love to get 100% confirmation but it seems no one really knows either way.


Well, this didnt happen 🙁