We’ve all been drooling over the release of Lollipop, Material Design and all the latest Nexus devices over the last few weeks, but now it’s time to turn our attention to HTC‘s Sense Android customisations, and how it’ll look with a Material Design-based UI overhaul.

Sense 6 saw a “flatter” design over competitors like Samsung and LG‘s UI layers, so the company was already closer – in a ‘sense’, at least – to the flat design that everyone loved and Google wanted. With Sense 7, HTC seems to want to continue this trend, making their UI blend with the OS’ new Material Design themes.

These images appeared on YouMobile last night, but they had no way to verify their legitimacy. As you can see from the image it claims to be Sense 7.0 running on Android 5.0 and while it could be running on a HTC One M8, it’s ultimately uncertain whether these screenshots actually confirm Material Design. It also represents a quite radical departure on HTC’s part in the selection of font.

When will your phone get the new software? Well, if it’s either of the two One’s (M7 or M8) it’ll receive the update 90 days after Lollipop’s full release, according to HTC (at least in the US, but local releases would surely follow). We have no word about the other HTC devices, though.

Source: YouMobile.
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It’s fake.

And in any case, Google copied a lot from HTC regarding material design, yet Google are getting all the praise for it.

Joshua Hill

Just like Samsung inspired Android OS improvements.

Google can do no wrong, manufacturers always cop it 😉


The right image is the app Battery widget reborn… it’s probably fake


It’ll be interesting to see how brave companies are at changing their UI.
While fans of websites such as this embrace changes, other users are actually a bit afraid of their phones and their PCs. Small changes make things unfamiliar and a crisis.

I know my wife found moving from Sense 4 to Sense 5 a big issue. She did not like things moving about at all.