So close, and yet so far. Today was supposed to be the official Australian launch date for what’s seen as the current king of the Android Wear range, the Motorola Moto 360. Unfortunately, there’s been a snag, as many of you have reported to us, there has been nary a Moto 360 to be seen at Australian retailers. We’ve been in contact with Motorola and found out a little bit more information.

The bad news: there is definitely a delay on the Moto 360, but the good news is that it will be a brief one, according to Motorola.

The delay on shipping the watch to retailers has been caused due to an issue with the global warranty included with the Moto 360. Australian Consumer Law requires certain wording and provisions, so Motorola has attempted to resolve all the issues that were brought up. Stock will begin hitting Australian retailers starting early next week.

There is another downside to the launch, due to the immense global popularity of the Moto 360, there is going to be limited stock arriving at stores. All this means is you’d better talk to your local retailers about reserving one when they arrive in-store.

At this stage, Motorola hasn’t supplied a list of retailers who will be stocking the watch, but based on based on their history of stocking current gen Motorola phones we believe JB Hifi, The GoodGuys, Harvey Norman, Officeworks and Dick Smith Electronics should be stocking the watch.

So you should be able to get your hands on a Moto 360 next week if there’s stock available, and you can expect to pay around the RRP of $329 for the Stainless Steel Black with Black leather band, or the Stainless Steel Silver with Stone leather band, or you can wait till next year for a steel band version which will sell for $359. Or of course, wait for the upcoming – as yet unannounced – versions which leaked on Amazon yesterday. The choice is yours. But most of all, good luck.

Thanks: Everyone who contacted us: Brendan James Martin Anita - all of you.
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Andrew Langford

I went into Harvey Norman and the bloke said it was an issue with limited stock and he had no idea when they would be available, He was nice enough to allow me to reserve one anyway with no strings attached and no deposit. Thats what I call good service.


Got mine a few weeks ago online and it’s definitely worth getting. Love it. Only wish it had speakers like the Samsung gears.


You’d think Googlrola’s Lawyer Corps would have picked up on this bug before now, considering the previous products that Googlrola have sold here.

Matthew Pickford

Yeah, and it’s not like they haven’t had lots of time to figure this out…


yeah my reaction was “someone didn’t do there job”


I thought Lenovo owned Motorola not Google


They do now, but this is one of the last Googlrola products.

Darren Ferguson

Did the other products where here have a global warranty? I think the issue was probably the way that was worded. I do love how Australia has great pro consumer laws though.


No idea about those earlier Googlrola released products, but I don’t recall those being delayed just before going on shelf here over the wording of the warranties.

I hope and pray that Australia’s consumer Laws are allowed to stay strong and be pro-consumer, but I think the TPP will be signed off on by the current mob in Canberra, and that will mark the end of Australian consumers being able to be protected by Law.


The other side is the Australia tax has to go.


Chris, among other things, the TPP is designed to promote geoblocking and associated pricetag rapeage.
When the TPP comes in, the Australia Tax won’t get reduced.
Instead it will be completely Lawfull for US corporations to jack the prices up even more, and for them to actively persecute anyone attempting to geoblock evade.

Matthew Pickford

I knew it! When I asked the guy at HN if the Moto 360 would be out today because it’s supposed to be the launch date, he said “No. Where’d you hear that?”


Called them today and they said they’re doing stock take and it should be in late next week or week after. So disappointed.

Matthew Pickford

Yeah me too. What’s the point in having a launch date I say!