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With the Moto 360 due to hit Australian stores today, it appears that Motorola in the US is about to launch some new options for the watch, including new colours, size and bands.

Amazon is the culprit for the latest leak which apparently leaked a number of new options that haven’t been seen previously. The listings have been pulled, but Android Police managed to grab the images from the listings for a champagne (Gold) coloured variant of the Moto 360, as well as a new version with a slightly thinner 18mm watch band. The champagne coloured version also comes with a matching champagne coloured metal wrist band.
Champagne - with metal band

There was also a variant of the champagne coloured Moto 360 which came with an 18mm band, as well as being slightly thinner band, probably for those customers looking for something a little more ‘delicate’ than the standard 23mm band.
Champagne - 18mm vs 23mm

Finally, lovers of the leather band will love this new ‘Cognac’ coloured watch band that was paired with a Moto 360.
Moto 360 - Cognac Band
Pricing was similar to the currently stocked range of Moto 360 watches, US$299.99 for the Moto 360 with metal band, US$50 more than the leather options. When we’ll see these is unclear, but the shipping date for the watches was listed around the end of November.

Would you like a ‘Champagne’ coloured Moto 360? Or how about a thinner band or a Cognac coloured leather band?

Source: Champagne 23MM (Cached)Champagne 18mm (Cached)Cognac (Cached).
Via: Android Police.
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Oh my! That leather one got a real purrty mouth. Sadly I’ll be patient and wait for v2 of this thing. The face is still too big for me and hoping next one get an actual modern SoC.


I was told mid next week for the Silver and end of month for black at HN Browns Plains.


In the recent past, only Asian manufacturers have been able to pull off decent worldwide product launches (Samsung, HTC, LG). Even Apple failed with their iPhone 6 Plus launch. Motorola has been just downright disappointing.


The product release when you have no product. Nice. HN is getting 4 of each per select store and that’s it.
They don’t know when they will get them.

Essentially the product isn’t available. I will now wait and see what Microsoft releases.


Can you guys at Ausdroid confirm with Motorola that stock will be out today? You may have more luck than us mere customers?


Champagne watch case with cognac band, I think would look really good.


No One seems to be selling them today 🙁

Called JB HII stores who said they had it on their system, but none on order. Called their Head Office and said if i was “just a customer” then ill need to call the stores…

Called Motorala who (after getting my mobile number and email address – spam incoming) said they had no solid release date and they could only say “it should be this year”

maybe if they called it isomething it would get more press and a solid release date 🙁


Motorola strikes again

Leigh Kendell

Yep, I called HN today and was transferred 4 times before I landed on someone who knew what it was. The response was “I have no idea when we’re getting them in stock” haha looks like I’ll be ordering one online.