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Recently I co-authored a piece about how we thought the OnePlus One had run out of time. My main problem with it was the touch screen issue and the inability to fix it of both OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc (and Synapse ultimately). I got so sick of the touch screen issues and not being able to type properly on the OnePlus One that last night I filed a ticket with customer support to return my device under warranty for one that worked. It seems my ticket has helped in a way that washing the car helps relieve droughts. Today a patch was merged into the OnePlus kernel by Cyanogen Inc.

I’ve heard it all before I hear you saying. That’s what I said too. This time I heard it first from Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii which is a very reliable source one would assume. Cyanogen Inc have upgraded the touch panel firmware to 14001221 and also fixed the manual firmware updates. After testing the touch screen fix I can say, at this stage, the touch screen is fixed. The screen feels smooth and fluid like it should. There are no longer any ghost swipes and the typing seems to be as perfect as it has been on my Nexus 5.

It seems this wizardry from Synaptics and CM Inc has finally fixed my last remaining issue with the phone. With the Nexus 6 seeming to be vapourware from not just us Australians but also for US citizens the OnePlus One is now once again a viable contender for a high end daily driver. With it’s price seemingly at half what the Nexus 6 is appearing to be headed for, the OnePlus One is a very attractive option if you want a phone running near stock Google Android. I can once again highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you are after an invite for the One I suggest you lurk around the OnePlus forums or continually search Google+ for them as they seem to be popping up occasionally in these places.

If you have the touch screen issue and a rooted phone I suggest you head over to XDA and check out the latest Franco kernel or the AK kernel (or any others that have been updated today). If you are yet to root your phone I doubt the OTA from OnePlus will be more than a few days going on the speed with which they pushed the last supposed touch screen fix.

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried this fix and whether it did in fact work for you. Are you now considering getting a OnePlus One in place of a Nexus 6 due to price/size/availability?

Source: CyanogenMod GithubCyanogenMod Github.
Via: Artem Russakovskii Google+.
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Bought oneplus a few month ago. The touch issue become worse


I bought a OnePlus One that is now completely useless. It reboots at least twice a day and has a defective touch screen. I tried to get it replaced and fixed but none of the updates work and OnePlus refused to help me because I bought through a retailer who they don’t endorse. My phone is completely useless -I wasted $400 and no one will take responsibility for what seems to be a very common defect.


I’m sorry but I think this phone is dead to most of us now and we don’t want to hear much more about it. Unavailable and unpredictable in terms of whether or not you’d get a unit without defects if you purchased one. Still can’t believe they are doing invites and limited preorder windows. Ridiculous. I’ll wait it out for the nexus 6.

Bilal Mahmood

i have one and so do 8 of my friends including my biology teacher! btw i am in the uk

Joshua Hill

The UK’s an officially supported country, Australia is not.


Certainly isn’t dead to those of us who have one.


Never had this personally, but even the latest update still lags a lot in ingress, however the most annoying issue is when you press the power button, the capacitive lights come on and you need to wait over 5 seconds for the screen to come on.

Joshua Hill

Glad to hear. I hope the problem stays fixed for you and other One +users.

Artem Russakovskii

Glad others are also finding that the new firmware is working well. I still can’t believe it myself.


Have updated to the latest Franco kenel and definitely feels much smoother and responsive, typing is also much better…. Hoping it stays this way…..


Same. The previous fixes were a bit better wrt the ghost touches but this one has killed them off it seems. As you said, hopefully it lasts.


A few hours in and so far so good although I can still produce a ghost swip if I try pressing T then H in quick succesion. That being said it definitely feels much better than it was…