Android Beam is actually pretty good when you start using it, but it seems that Google is trying to make it better. How much better? Well, imagine beaming files, pictures, URLs, a large range of content to almost anyone, including people using an iOS device. That’s what Google is intending to do with a new project code-named Copresence.

The Copresence feature would use location based or Bluetooth data to connect the two devices into something similar to the Nearby feature that Android Police wrote about a few months back, but it would connect using Wifi, or Wifi direct to actually ‘Beam’ files. The location based initiation could be an extension of ‘Bump’ which Google purchased last September, or as Android Police , speculate using the Ultra-sonic technology that Google uses to pair devices with Chromecasts on different networks.

The above pictures were found in a recent update to Google Play Services, as well as XML files relating to the setup process and definitions of the feature. There’s also been patents awarded to Google for it, mentions of it in the Chromium Google Group, and apparently there’s been issues logged with the API for it this month.

It’s an interesting feature, head on over to Android Police for a full run-down, but with this sort of cross-platform functionality sharing could become really easy.

Source: Android Police.
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    This looks pretty cool. Android Beam is nice but anything that makes it simple and cross-platform can only be a plus.


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    Sujay Vilash

    Would love to see this feature …