When the Nexus 6 will show up and where is the big question at the moment. As one of the top carriers – in terms of coverage and subscriber base – many would like to see Optus carry the phone, and from the support page which Google has posted for the Nexus 6, it confirms it’s possible.

The support page for the Nexus 6, lists the Networks and compatible carriers which offer compatible 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE bands for the phone and Optus is certainly listed – along with Vodafone. But there’s also a rider added at the top which advises :

Compatible with a variety of carriers, including those listed below. Availability and timing varies by carrier and retailer. Check with your carrier for details.

Emphasis is our own.

We’ve certainly asked all the Australian carriers about their plans to offer the phone on their network, including Optus. Their current answer – which we checked with multiple sources along the chain – is that they won’t be offering the phone on their network. We are keeping track of of which carriers will offer the phone on their network as they have answered or new information from sources comes to light, but at this stage, Optus does seem unlikely. Stay tuned though, if enough people ask them to carry it, they may change their mind.

Source: Nexus 6 Tech Specs.
Thanks: Jordan P.