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Yatango Nexus 6
After adding the Nexus 6 placeholder page to their site shortly after the announcement of the phone, Yatango has finally added pricing information for the phone. There’s no expected eta for the phone either but we’re waiting further developments.

For the 32GB Nexus 6 from Yatango, you can expect to pay $899.95 if you’re a member which includes free shipping in Australia or $1,034.95 + shipping for non-members. For the 64GB version you will be paying $949.95 for members or $1,094.95 + Shipping for non-members. Just a reminder that joining up as a member to Yatango is free and easy, so it’s definitely worth it.

The model listed on the site includes the 850MHz, 900MHz and 210MHz frequencies used across Australia by the three major carriers. All the Australian LTE Networks including the 700MHz network which is currently in testing for Optus and Telstra and goes live next year are supported. There’s support for the 850MHz band which Vodafone are re-farming from their existing 3G network and of course the 1800MHz band that’s used by Optus, Telstra and Vodafone across the majority of Australia. While there’s support for the 2100MHz and 2600MHz bands, unfortunately the 2300MHz TD-LTE network which is used by Optus for their 4G Plus network is not supported.

If you’re interested in ordering the Nexus 6, we’ve seen that supplies are limited, head on over to the Yatango website and check out the 32GB or 64GB models and place your order.

Source: 32GB Nexus 6 at Yatango64GB Nexus 6 at Yatango.
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If that turns out to be the Australian price I won’t be buying one 🙁


as a nexus fan, if the price is 900 AUD I’ll be buying a fing iPhone.


Surely this isn’t really indicative of true Australian pricing, but is more along the lines of “we don’t know how much it will actually cost, so we’ll just cover our butts by asking $899AUD and get as many preorders as we can from desperate Aussie Android fans”. In other words expect it to be a good $100 cheaper on the playstore when Google finally decide to launch it. For people complaining about the pricing compared to previous Nexus devices, you have seen the specs right? It’s still cheaper than several similar phablets from other manufacturers with the same type of… Read more »

Paul Walker

The pricing has Amazon Fire Phone written all over. Be prepared to get stuck with lots of stock Google.


Is this just a case of a grey importer offering the nexus 6 for an inflated price to take advantage of it not being up for preorder yet on google play? This has happened before right, phones being offered for pre-order way over RRP? I’d be surprised if it is this price on google play and brick and mortar stores…


exactly right.


$949.95 (why can’t they be Honest and just say $950) for the usable on board storage capacity version of the N6… Go and take a very long walk off a very short pier.


The Nexus program has always meant great hardware at a great price. The Nexus 6 offers hardware which is too big for the average user, at a price which is far from great. The Nexus program is as good as dead in my mind. I’ve just switched to a second hand Xperia Z2 and I couldn’t be happier. The interface provides many of the things that stock Android has been missing for years. I guess we had a good run, Google…


I’ve been saying that I think this is more Project Silver than it is Nexus for a while now. It matches what was said about Silver back at the beginning of the year. The question now is what happens next. Goggle have been unhappy with Samsung and the way they were in danger of taking over the entire Android ecosystem (principally because Samsung know how to market) – and they warped the Nexus programme to be a way of cutting the legs from Samsung. It appears that a deal has been done or a technical/legal fix found, and google no… Read more »


Exactly on Ara.

Iain Simmons

The one issue with a lot of the Chinese phones is that they’re terrible with software updates, with the exception of the OnePlus One, but that obviously has other problems regarding availability. It’s good to see some phone manufacturers sticking closer to stock/vanilla Android, but there’s still a difference between close and actually running an unadulterated version of Android. That being said, I’m happy with my Sony Xperia Z2 and have been recommending the Z3 Compact to friends not impressed by the size of the Nexus 6. I think phones like the Moto G and other capable, affordable midrange phones… Read more »


‘Expected rise of Ara’ is a bit of a stretch. The more I learn about it the more I’m convinced its dead on arrival. Compelling for geeks like you and I, but for my wife, my mum and dad and 98% of the smartphone users in the world it will be completely unappealing.


The ‘cheap Nexus’ trend only goes back a couple years to the 4 and was continued by LG with the 5. The Nexus One was quite expensive, ditto with the Galaxy Nexus with its envelope-pushing 720p screen. In fact, it was the unexpected affordability of the Nexus 4 which led to its launch shortages. It’s nice when Nexuses are cheap, but I fully understand when Google wants to use them as a showcase of Android’s best.


It’s not even close to being worth it. I hope the consumers make them eat every one of them.

Oliver Ward

given how much the Moto X cost this can hardly come as a surprise. look like grey market Moto X it is then….