Tuesday , June 5 2018

Google wanting more services to take advantage of Highlights in Now & Inbox


Google has been making it easier for companies and third party developers to take advantage of its newly released products. Providers such as airlines, restaurants and certain event venues take part and open up their own products onto Google’s new services, but its wants more to take part.

Google has stated that it has been showing these companies and third party developers on how to take part and use its recently released Inbox app’s Highlights feature. As the name implies, Highlights finds pertinent info or actionable items within an email and shows them right within the email list.

This will help say if you’re eating out or prepping for a flight, you can confirm your reservation or check in without having to access the email itself.

All developers need to do to take part in highlights is to simply mark up the parts they want to surface to make that happen. Additionally, if developers aren’t sure how to take part in highlights, they just need to refer to the full sets of instructions and sample codes Google have released for developers.

This move comes off the heels of Google making it easier and simpler for developers to add the “OK Google” voice command to their creations meaning you don’t have to go to the Google search app and without lifting a finger.

Do you use Inbox? Do you like the highlights feature and would you like other companies and third party developers to take part in the Highlights section?

Source: Google Developers.
Via: Engadget.

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  1. I have 2 lots of invites – applied with 2 gmail accounts. Its great, Pinning + reminders is almost perfect for my inbox where stuff gets drowned by noise unless i see it often

  2. I’m in Aus and I received an Inbox invite. It was a few days after the US invites were sent out.

  3. Anyone Australians get an invite to Inbox? I haven’t heard of any.

    I put the email through requesting one, but no word on invites.

  4. Has anyone at ausdroid.net received an invite yet?

  5. Although I have downloaded the Inbox app from Play Store, but it needs an official invitation to launch. I am waiting, waiting and waiting.

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