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Yatango Nexus 9
The Nexus 9 is coming, and coming soon, at least from Google Play, but it seems that online retailer Yatango has begun taking pre-orders for the Wi-Fi version of the tablet in both 16GB and 32GB storage capacities.

The 16GB Wi-Fi model will set you back $529.95 for members which includes shipping, or $609.95 + shipping if you don’t want to be a member. For the 32GB Wi-Fi model, you’ll expect to pay $629.95 including shipping for members, or $724.95 for non-members. There’s no sign of the LTE model and the online support chat has no ETA for it, nor a shipping date for the Wi-Fi models

Just bear in mind that the Nexus 9 is selling on Google Play for $489 for the 16GB Wi-Fi or $579 for the 32GB Wi-Fi models + $19.95 shipping on top. Yatango advise that the price is relatively accurate, but if the price drops before shipping you’ll be offered a refund or a credit of the difference; whatever you prefer. Of course the price could increase, in which case you will be given the option to pay the difference, cancel for a full refund or use the credit towards a different handset.

If you’re in the market for a Nexus 9 and don’t want to order from Google Play, head over to Yatango and place an order.

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do we really need a article every time yatango scratches their balls.

there pricing once again is a ripoff


Why not just get it from Google directly?


Yatango really wants you to be a member! I’m not sure why you just wouldn’t order it direct from Google to be honest.

Phill Edwards

What’s a Yatango member?


I’ve noticed there hasn’t been an article on HTC Rapid Charger yet. Does anyone know of a release date?