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ASUS ZenWatch-02
Google is controlling what Android Wear looks like and how it operates, pushing OEMs towards extending functionality for their watches through apps. Asus has taken this to heart and has released three apps over night which are destined to be used with the upcoming ZenWatch.

The three apps released are the ASUS ZenWatch Manager, which will be used in addition to the Android Wear app and will allow you to setup the watch face, alter the ambient mode and setup your watch as a trusted bluetooth device to bypass the lock screen when paired. There’s also a ‘find my watch’ function which will allow you to make your watch ‘vibrate and flash’ remotely.

There’s a lot of blue here, with the app offering a tablet mode as well as phone interface. The ASUS ZenWatch Manager is only compatible with ASUS ZenWatch.

Next up is the Asus Wellness app, which will be the hub for your fitness and ‘Wellness’, keeping a track of your heart rate, step counts, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, exercise intensity and relaxation level. It’s a hub which shows off your fitness and wellness in a timeline so you can keep a track of how you’re going.

Price: To be announced

Last, but by no means least, is the ASUS Remote Camera an app. The app acts as a remote shutter as well as viewfinder for still shots as well as video. Sort of a more advanced version of apps like LookBehind. The app offers features like remotely activating the timer function and Zoom (if your camera supports it).

The app seems to be available to install to a variety of phones and Android Wear watches, not just the Asus ZenWatch. There does seem to be a twist function which initiates a shot that could be limited to the ZenWatch

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Now that the apps have hit Google Play, there’s only the issue of when the hardware will launch. Asus Australia has so far been quiet on the ZenWatch, we hope to find out more soon, stay tuned.

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Via: Android Police.
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I like the look of the zen watch better than the other designs. Waiting for the reviews first before considering getting one.


Same here, Grevious.