Nexus 9 - Wild 4
The Nexus 9 could be sighted in the wild here in Australia by the end of the week, with many Ausdroid readers reporting this morning that they had received shipping confirmations for their tablets.

The tablets are sold through Google Singapore, but the tablets themselves are shipping out of Hong Kong as we’ve seen previously. This time around, Google is using Shipping company Aramex according to the notification, which unfortunately puts an end to the neat trick of Whirlpool users who were tracking Fed-Ex planes carrying their orders.

Nexus 9 Shipping Confirmation

Customers who have received their shipping notifications this morning are seeing – for the most part – a current status of ‘Departed Operations facility – In Transit’ which we hope to soon see as arriving in Australia at Customs where we all hope for a fast clearance.

So, what time did you order and have you received your shipping confirmation yet?

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Martin Leonard

Mine now says “Received at Origin Facility” so why did they send it there….

Simon Shaw

Ummmm…. Mine now says “Out for delivery”. But in MELBOURNE! I’m in Perth 3400km away! (And I am 1400km closer to HK than Melbourne is. Arrrrgggghhhh.


Ordered on 18/10 :
In Transit now

Anyone knows how long it takes to arrive after its dispatched?

Simon Shaw

Ordered 20th October. Notification it had shipped arrived 4th Nov at 11:17PM WA time.
Same departure time from HK 4th @ 8:46PM


Yep mine’s on its way


Waiting until the covers are in stock before ordering this. hurry up Google!


Mine appears to be part of the same shipment, good times


All I want is the Nexus 6. 🙁


I ordered mine yesterday (1pm) and its also been shipped already.

Martin Leonard

Ordered early day 1 (17/10) and have the same notification as you. Left Hong Kong 8:40pm yesterday (4th) apparently.