Announced back in July, Sony Australia has finally released the Xperia C3 in Australia. Deemed the ‘ultimate smartphone for selfies’ the phone has a front-facing LED flash as well as a 5MP ‘Selfie Camera.

The Xperia C3 is available from today in Sony Centres, Sony Kiosks, Sony Stores, Big W, Dick Smith, Telechoice and ‘other major retailers’ for $399. The White, Black and Mint coloured models are available, but Dick Smith appears to have picked up the exclusive on the Mint, while the White is available at Telechoice and Big W.

The phone has fairly decent specs, with quite a large screen that comes with only a basic 720P resolution. It’s a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

  • 5.5” 1280×720 HD IPS display
  • Snapdragon Quad-core 1.2 Ghz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Flash memory
  • 8 MP Rear camera with auto focus and 5MP Front-facing camera with LED Flash
  • Android 4.4
  • 2500 mAh Battery
  • 156×78.5×7.6mm @ 150grams

Sony has decided to concentrate on Software for the Xperia C3, offering a range of photography related apps on board under the PROSelfie feature. The highlights of PROSelfie include Superior Auto, Portrait Retouch, Timeshift Burst, Picture Effects, Movie Creator, Sweep Panorama and Social Live.

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Superior Auto – on both main and front cameras.From illuminated night views to backlit selfies, Superior Auto recognises four scene types on C3’s front camera and up to 36 scenes by the main camera and adjusts the settings automatically, to help you get the best photos anywhere, in any light. As the default camera mode, Superior Auto turns HDR on or off depending on your scene. HDR mode takes multiple shots with varied exposures and then merges them together to make your photos look natural – even in backlit condition.
Portrait retouch v.2 – style your close-ups in real time. Portrait Retouch makes sure you’re captured looking your best with features including real-time makeover, DECO frame options and magic eye beam (light reflection) effects. Portrait Retouch offers a choice of 10 different beauty styles – including four natural looks for the guys – and the ability to retouch portraits of up to two people per image. You can see changes in real time, before capturing the shot to ensure a photogenic finish.
Timeshift-burst – always get the best picture. Timeshift-burst captures 31 frames in just 2 seconds – starting even before you press the shutter. Consumers can then scroll back and forth amongst the 31 frames to select the perfect image, or even keep them all.
Picture effects – create the best picture. Apply a wide selection of creative effects to your photos and change colours, add image trails or apply mirror effects. These adjustments enhance your images and open up a world of possibilities.
Movie Creator – create videos to be proud of. The new movie creator application allows you to trim and crop your videos so that you can easily edit what you want to share. Insert dramatic slowdown effects at one or more places on the timeline of the video so that you can preview your movie before you save and share.
Social live – broadcast your precious moments live. Social live lets you broadcast every moment as it happens live via Facebook. Get your friend’s response right on the screen and keep the conversation going, all in real-time, and go beyond social sharing as you know it.
Sweep Panorama – Take a panoramic photo by just sweeping the camera.
Vine – Create and share beautiful looping videos. Share six-second videos with friends and your social networks with this simple and exciting app.

If the ultimate selfie phone from Sony is what you’re after then head on in to a store and check one out today.


Source: Sony.
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Two words:
THL t100




8GB on board storage, and only supports a max of 32GB microSDHC.
Not impressed at all with such sub-standard specs for a mid level priced device.


i’m never quite sure about the maximum micro sd capacities listed. i’ve read loads of accounts of people using cards much bigger than the listed “maximum” capacities and some people have suggested the maximums listed are just the maximums *tested* on the device. BUT if the z3s are coming out with a specified maximum of 128gb and these say max 32gb there must be more in it than that. might have to do some more research.


also this device sounds like an idea that shouldn’t’ve made it out of the meeting room


“shouldn’t’ve”? My god, man! Don’t go butchering the Queen’s language!
But yeah, the idea of developing phone for selfies is too narcissistic for my liking.