Vodafone announced its partnership with music streaming service Spotify last month, and added some sweet deals for prepaid customers soon after. Today the carrier has revealed its plans for postpaid on-contract customers, with the announcement that new and upgrading customers on Red plans will receive a free Spotify Premium subscription, valued at AU$11.99 per month.

If you’re a Spotify user and you’re ready to sign a new contract, this could be a good opportunity to save a few dollars on your monthly subscription.

The exact offer differs according to your Red plan – $70 plan subscribers get 6 months free, while $80 subscribers get 12 months free and $100 subscribers get 24 months.

The deal has also been extended to customers who’ve pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge before today’s announcement.

If you’re an existing customer, you’ve got a couple of choices: you can move to a current Red plan to get the offer (Vodafone says there’s no financial penalty for doing so, and your contract length remains the same), or you can purchase a Data Add-on to get the free subscription (minimum of $5 for 400MB) if you joined after July 2.

There’s a final sweetener on offer for $70 and $80 subscribers on 24-month plans as well, with first month access fees credited for free – but not for SIM Only customers.

Vodafone’s also hinting that the Spotify partnership is only the beginning, with Stephen Smyth (GM of Postpaid) quoted as saying, “We want to give our customers the best deals, which includes access to the best content available … over the coming months we’ll continue to bring customers the very best in content”. What could be next?

Updated at 11.34am Clarified the options available for existing customers and the minimum Data Add-on price.

Does a free Spotify Premium subscription tempt you to jump to Vodafone? What other services would you like to see bundled with Vodafone’s plans? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Vodafone.
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Do you known if the subscription bonus actually cover the data consumed by Spotify? As in Unmetered Spotify data.

Adrian Mace

Data Charges You are responsible for any mobile data usage charges associated with the Service. We strongly recommend that you monitor your data usage regularly. For more information on the amount of data used by the Spotify Premium Service please visit:http://support.vodafone.com.au/articles/FAQ/Spotify-data-usage