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Cheaper Nexus 6 Yatango
The Nexus 6 was always going to be expensive, but it’s a little bit cheaper today, that is if you were going to pre-order the phone from Yatango.

Yatango have dropped the members price on both the 32GB and 64GB Nexus 6 pre-orders, with the 32GB dropping form $899.95 to $869.95, while the 64GB model gets the biggest cut, dropping from $949.95 to just $879.95$899.95 (See update below). Non-member pricing is still quite high as an incentive, with the 32GB priced at $1,004.95 and the 64GB priced at $1,014.95 – but remember for non-members you also have to pay for shipping.

Availability for the phones is still up in the air with online chat staff not able to supply a date when they will be available. We’re hoping to clear up availability via Yatango soon, unfortunately we’re no closer to a price/date from Google Play.

It’s a better price now, but without anything to compare it to, we have no idea if it’s a good price or not. Hopefully Google announces pricing for the Australian market soon.

It appear that Yatango has backpedalled on the 64GB Price drop, raising their price slightly to $899.95, reflecting the $50 price drop that the 32GB model saw. Still no word on availability unfortunately. We’ll continue to work on it.

Source: 32GB Nexus 6 at Yatango64GB Nexus 6 at Yatango.
Thanks: Dmitry.
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i’m over the nexus 6 already, same for the moto maxx.
all these staggered releases are just bs


Has anyone actually used these guys? Specifically the Zipmoney service?

Sounds somewhat intriguing, but I can’t seem to find any hard info about it.


I ordered my 64GB from there this morning using Zipmoney to take advantage of 3 months interest free.

James Hector

It’s not bad for a grey import. As annoying as it is though, I reckon waiting for the Google Release will be better value and obviously more support. US Carrier partnerships are almost certainly the reason for the delay.


A whole $30 off the price of the 32GB, and a huge $70 off the price of the 64GB. Good going, Yatango. Keep up the rip-off pricing.

JL Picard

Not just that, they will say In Stock then go source the phone from the Play Store for you.

Daniel Tyson

$50? It’s 949.95 down to $879.95 – as for rip-off, we have yet to find out the pricing from Google Play as yet, so we should probably wait to find that out before jumping on that band wagon.


Thanks for catching that maths fail of mine Dan.
Post fixed.


Has yatango ever had a bargain for a new or prerelease product. Do you guys really have to shill for them every few days?

Daniel Tyson

Name one other place that has the Nexus 6 listed in Australia. Pretty sure judging from the amount of activity we’ve had from readers on this on various platforms they WANT to know.