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Moto 360 - HN Pre-order
The long wait on the Australian launch of the Moto 360 has been a bit hit and miss, last week we found an issue with warranty documentation had held up initial stock delivery but stock should have been heading to stores this week. But it appears that retailers still haven’t received stock and today, Harvey Norman has added the watch to their website for ‘Pre-Order’, but don’t expect stock soon.

The Moto 360 is apparently in extremely limited supply in Australia according to Harvey Norman online support. Support members as well as in-store staff are advising that ‘stock is very limited from Motorola’. Unfortunately, they are unable to confirm when the stock will be received and so are placing the Moto 360 up for pre-order. This should give them an indication on how many units are required, as well as allow them to compile a list interested customers.

We hope to see more units in Australia soon, however the Moto 360 is proving to be quite popular globally and stock is limited, everywhere. Until the stock starts flowing, unfortunately there’s not much more advice we can give except to be patient.

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: AlanAvonBrandon.
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Just pre-ordered mine through the website for in store pickup.


did you have to make / did you get charged full payment when when checking-out?


I do have an authorization on my credit card for $328, however I just emailed them to cancel my order. The LG G Watch R went up on Google Play, I ordered it thinking I will cancel if I decide to stick with the 360…. and then it shipped. $369 inc express international postage.


Oh, and on the topic of the 360 specifically, why would anyone pay $330 for a flat tyre?


Ray why would anyone care about your thoughts or negativity. If you don’t like it shut up.


I guess the same can be said for your thoughts as well. I’m entitled to my opinion as are you.

Kids these days!


Ray once again I will inform you, whilst you are entitled to your thoughts the utter crap you post on here is not wanted or neeeded. Your sense of entitlement is over and above reality


I really don’t care if you don’t agree/like my opinions and/or comments. That is entirely your choice, as it is mine to post them.

Just move along along child… move along.


Motorola can’t supply the 360, the Moto X or the Nexus 6 to Australia. I get the feeling that Motorola just hate Australia.


Ray, the moto x is available here so no they don’t hate us, they do however lack the ability to mass produce product to meet demand. You are now the negative king, the title has passed from Jeni to you.


Please point to the website/retailer/otherwise that is selling the Moto X 2014 model?

Anastasia Elissa

Umm, Harvey Norman….


Well I’ll be f**ked! I honestly thought I had looked everywhere for that phone.

I stand corrected – and truly amazed to be honest.

Fiddle Castro

I second that–Harvey Norman.

And others will follow soon.