1_Moto_360_Two_MetalWatches_6712_1While the Moto 360 isn’t yet available in Australia… yet… it seems that Motorola isn’t resting on its laurels elsewhere, releasing new metal bands, interchangeable leather bands, new watch face options and more.

The Moto 360 is now available with metal band options, as shown above. Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, the metal bands are available in both light and dark colours (pictured) for $299. Further, slim bands will also be available for those with a more slender wrist for the same price, and for those wanting a bit of flair, a champagne gold finish will be available for $329.

For those who’ve already got a Moto 360, Motorola plans to offer interchangeable stone, black and cognac leather bands, along with the light and dark metal bands. They’ve partnered with some name brands to release some fancier options, as well as stitched leather options and colourful silicone bands.

The Moto Connect app is receiving a refresh with a new watchface from the winner of the Design Face-Off competition, as well as the option to roll your own watchface within the app, allowing you to specify a background image, tick marks and watch hands.

The Moto 360’s wellness features are receiving a boost as well, which will track heart rate, steps, distance and calories burned. These new features, and the watchfaces, will be available through an update to Motorola Connect which will be released soon.


Source: Official Motorola Blog.
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Pre-order for the Moto 360 and Moto X 2014 available now at Harvey Norman! I’ve contact Motorola, they told me that the devices have been released to the stores, should be quick now.

Luke Sleeman

The release situation in Australia is just preposterous – Its a week after the ‘official release date’ and nobody in Australia has been able to buy one, nobody can say when they will be available and nobody knows what is happening. Shops that are supposed to be stocking it such as Harvey Norman and JB-Hifi sometimes don’t even know what it is. If you call up and ask about the moto 360, occasionally staff will ask, “Sorry is the moto 360 a phone? Who makes it?” or “What was the name of that computer game again?” One wonders about Motorola… Read more »


How nice of Moto to taunt Australia with shiny toys the refuse to let us have.