Ever since Google slipped a copy of Ice Age into Google Play Movies & TV when people purchased the original Nexus 7, it’s been a bit of a bonus to open your new Nexus device and find new content waiting. This year with the Nexus 9 it’s free Books.

Owners of the Nexus 9 are reporting that upon opening the Google Play Books app on their new tablet, they are being offered a free book from a list of options. The list of books is pretty decent with titles such as Gone by Michael Grant, Shake by Carl Davidson and Honored Enemy by Raymond E. Feist and William R. Forstchen plus more.

If books aren’t your thing and you haven’t already claimed it on a Nexus 5 (or apparently a Nexus 7 which some people are saying works as well) you can also claim your copy of Academy Award winning movie: Gravity starring Sandra Bullock.
Nexus 9 - Movies (Free Content Offer 1)

There’s no free content in Google Play Newsstand unfortunately, and with most people using Google Play Music All Access, we’re unable to check for free tracks. So, if you enjoy a good read on your tablet, check out the Google Play Books section and grab yourself something to read on your new tablet.

Via: Android Police.
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Darren Ferguson

I read someone able to redeem one of these by changing their build.prop settings or whatever it’s called to match a Nexus 9.


I got Transformers with 2012 Nexus 🙁


Green envy face time again for anyone who can’t make use of a Nexus device.


I think I got Transformers, not Ice Age.

Daniel Tyson

Ice Age was Nexus 7 (2012), Transformers Dark of the Moon was Nexus 7 (2013)


Nope. That’s not right. I never got a 2013.

Daniel Tyson

Did you get a Nexus 5? Because I`m pretty sure it came on that too.

Nope, you’re right. It was the 2012. Nexus 4 Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 all got Ice age and Transformers.