Since the Oneplus was release there has been hype about the device. People literally paying for invites, others waiting for weeks and months; hoping… that their number will be called next. Then the floodgates were opened, for an hour at a time to allow people to preorder the Oneplus and a second opportunity to do so is fast approaching on the 17th of November.

In an interview with Forbes, Co-founder Carl Pei told them that the sales of the Oneplus continue to grow and have now hit half a million units.

Normally when you launch a [smartphone] product it gets really hot in the first month, and in the second or third month, sales start to drop really fast. For OnePlus, when you look at our internal metrics, our sales just keep growing.

Noting that their profit margin on each device is far from impressive, but is getting noticed in the market and giving them the opportunity to hold the “flagship killer” tag but making only a handful of dollars per device won’t keep a company afloat for long. With the touchscreen issues being finally fixed and a relatively vocal number of user being disgruntled at the cost of the Nexus 6 is this the opportunity for the Oneplus to shine?

Will you be grabbing a Oneplus when the next pre-order opportunity arises?

Source: Forbes.
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Android Explained

“For OnePlus, when you look at our internal metrics, our sales just keep growing.”

That’s what happens when you only let 1,000 people buy it the first month, 2,000 the second month and on and on

Don’t get me wrong, the price to performance ratio for the device is amazing. They just worded that in a way that makes it seem like there wasn’t any issues with the launch. They have received so much bad press for the way they are selling it. I guess it’s true what they say though, there’s no such thing as bad press


Only if they start selling to Australia directly.


software updates might be great but after sales service is more than software updates. I would hate to send back my phone to the US and then pay extra for shipping back to me if I do need warranty.

Iain Simmons

If they had just let people actually buy them, I’m sure they would have sold way more!

These days people are used to things selling out, even from giants such as Google. I’m sure it would have helped OnePlus’ reputation to sell out of the OnePlus One quickly and just have people preorder and wait.

I, like a lot of people, wasn’t willing to jump through hoops to get one, and went elsewhere with my money.


They’re selling them as fast as they can make them. How, exactly could they sell “way more”?

Iain Simmons

Put more money in to production? Even if they had to crowd fund some of their costs. It’s pretty clear people would pay.

And many people will happily preorder something and wait for it to be available, but ridiculous invite systems and competitions just annoyed everyone.