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Unlike the new Moto X, Motorola managed to get the Moto G Gen 2 up for sale in Australia quite soon after the announcement. But just like the original Moto G, the phone was 3G only, but the Moto G spawned a 4G counterpart and it appears that Motorola is gearing up to launch the 4G version of the Moto G Gen 2.

Toms Hardware have reported on the phone, which has popped up at Geekbench with a decent update to the existing Snapdragon 400 processor thats in the current Moto G Gen 2 handset, with the Geekbench report showing a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 (MSM8916) processor on board with 1GB of RAM backing it up. The phone submitted for the benchmark shows that it was running Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat), which is understandable at the time, though with Motorola’s fast updates for the Moto series, it’s expected the phone would launch with Lollipop.


Launch dates for the phone are uncertain, with Motorola launching the original Moto G 4G around 7 months after the original, with the Moto G 4G launching in Australia in July. Motorola however seems to be speeding up the product life cycle of the Moto G series, with the Moto G Gen 2 launching only ten months after the original, so hopefully the 4G version of the Moto G Gen 2 may launch sooner rather than later.

The Moto G Gen 2 is quite a decent handset, impressing Jason during his review, so a slightly upgraded handset with 4G capability would make quite a good update in Australia where 4G networks are expanding rapidly.

Would you buy a 4G version of the Moto G Gen 2?

Source: PrimateLabs.
Via: TomsHardware.
Thanks: Stephen.
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I’ve been holding out upgrading my Nexus 4 until the LTE version of the Moto G -2 came out. Wonder if they will do anything to the screen as well??


Nexus 4 is still better than the Moto G (2014) in just about every way. More ram, better cpu, better gpu, much better screen, just a little smaller (oh and no LTE). Step up to the Moto X for a better phone.
Edit geekbench N4: 2300

David Deng

can’t agree more with you:)


You are correct. Just hoping that the Moto X pricing isn’t out of this world down here..


… stick another GB of RAM in it, and all it great.


And stick at least another 8GB of on board storage into it.
8GB or lower is budget, entry level, el cheapo, yum cha territory.

I know better than you!

It has expandable storage… I don’t understand why you need 16GB anyway unless your gaming or have a ton of photos + music on the device. Expandable storage is better for the latter option anyway.


I think you’re mistaking expandable storage, for program install space.
This is a KK device. You cannot install apps to SD on a KK device.


now lets see when it arrives to australia, i say 12 months


I’d call that the minimum time the device is likely to show up here.


Moto G 2nd gen and moto G 4G came out fast… its just the Moto X and Moto 360 which are not doing anything. Which is understandable why ship high price devices when so many Australians now beleive Motorola is a garbage high-end phone-maker. If they manage to reintroduce themselves as a popular brand then we would get them so faster. But seen Australians don’t like change Apple and Samsung will rule here forever.


first thing they need to do is ship there product on time and ship in mass batch and secondly promote there product. Do u see any of the big players (such as Apple and Samsung) not promote there product. if they do those 2 things then they can gain some credibility