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Version 4.0 of the Google Keyboard is rolling out on Google Play – or at least, it will be very soon. Android Police managed to snag a copy of the updated APK and took a look inside.

The most obvious change is visual, and one we’ve expected to see in the app on Play since its appearance in the developer preview – there are two new “Material” themes (light and dark), in line with the rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop. You’ll need to select the theme manually once you update.

The update also sees the return a configuration option for the long press delay, allowing you to set the milliseconds you need to press on a key for its popup options (usually containing accented characters, numbers and symbols) to appear. It can make a huge difference, slowing down someone who’s used to quick input and after being removed from a prior version it’s good to see that it can be changed once again.


Can’t wait for the update to come through Google Play? Download it from APK Mirror and you can apply the update yourself.

Do you use Google Keyboard, or something else? Are you glad the long press configuration is back? Which is your theme of choice? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Android Police.

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Paul Moss
Paul Moss

The new themes are making waiting for the OTA L update harder.

It’s fantastic to see the return of the long press delay setting, the locked delay was annoying.


Love the new themes and it’s great to be able to set the long press delay once more.

Greg McPherson
Ausdroid Reader

Nice. My phone is looking more and more lollypoppy. I just need that little notification that the real thing has arrived.




I like the new material themes, it’s just that they are missing the “…” symbols on the keys that have more options are available on long press.

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