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If you’re on the go all the time for work, in and out of meetings, functions and lunches it’s likely you know the pain of having to carry business cards all the time. Worse; the pain of getting caught without one. Haystack is a really neat (and free) app that allows you to create a digital business card and share it via email or MMS instantly when you meet someone new.

The other neat trick is Haystack will also scan and save all the business cards you get and adds them straight to your phone contacts, where it will then automatically update as people’s details change, so you always stay up-to-date.

It’s a really neat app for pretty much anyone who needs to carry a business card, or even a really slick “new” way to save money during your business startup and not need to invest in business cards for you or your staff.

Why not check it out at the Play Store

Haystack Digital Business Card
Haystack Digital Business Card
Developer: Haystack
Price: Free

Would Haystack be a way for you to save hassle and the potential embarrassment of not having business cards handy?

Source: Haystack.