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With all the focus on OTA links, Factory Images for Nexus devices and other updates, the fact that Google showed off their new Search app and functions was sort of missed. But that’s not to say it isn’t worth checking out, because the new update is quite exciting, bringing a few new features as well as a new look.

One new feature for the Google Search app will unfortunately require compatible hardware, with the ‘Ok Google’ voice command starting to work with phones such as the Nexus 6 and Note 4, as well as the Nexus 9 tablet, even with the screen off – how very Motorola like!

But there are plenty of goodies for everyone, with app search coming to the Google Search app. Announced back at Google I/O, the Google Search app will now search within compatible apps for information you’re looking for. Looking for the name of an actor or director from a film? Search as you normally would and if you have IMDB installed, you’ll get a prompt to view search results within the IMDB app. Google has been pushing this quite hard since last month but hopefully with all the buzz around Lollipop, more devleopers will jump on-board and update their apps to allow for this.


We all know Google is scanning our email, and Google Search will now prompt you to see if you want to be reminded about an event that may have shown up in your email. Forgot to reply to that email about dinner with your friend? Google Search will pop up a card asking you if you wish to be reminded about it, from the card you can then confirm the reminder and have it added to your calendar, or dismiss it altogether. Of course if you can’t decide, simply ask Google to flip a coin.

Search Reminder

The Search update also gets a material design makeover, with bolder colours, a slide out menu and a back arrow. We looked into the new Google Search in our Lollipop Tour which showed off many of the new features rolled out in Android 5.0. Just because they came out in Android 5.0 doesn’t mean that Google isn’t making them backwards compatible, so you should see the new Google Search on your device shortly.

Source: Inside Search.
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    Darren Ferguson

    Google Now hotword detection doesn’t work everywhere, only on the home screen when powered on for my Nexus9. I have the language set to Australian and it says it’s not available with my langauge 🙁

    Daniel Tyson

    English (US) seems to be the only one it works with…for now