The release of Factory Images for Nexus devices yesterday, was missing some devices from the rollout, most notably the Nexus 4 handset. Google announced the Nexus 4 would receive the Lollipop update after they announced Android 5.0, but there was a notable silence yesterday about the update. Today there’s news for Nexus 4 owners, with Senior Program Manager for Android, Sascha Prüter posting to Google+ that the Nexus 4 update was Locked and loaded with build LRX21T.

The full update on Google+ was actually quite brief with Mr Prüter saying :

Locked and loaded! #LRX21T

While the initial comment didn’t say anything about which device he was talking about, he quickly followed up in comments to say that he forgot the #Nexus4 hash tag. When questioned on when the update would arrive, he followed up with :

Soon, not sure when exactly but shouldn’t be too long. Staging the factory images always takes some time.

For Nexus 4 users and owners out there, we do hope that’s sooner rather than later.

Source: +Sascha Prüter.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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Got android 5.0 lollipop ota overnight on my nexus 4! I’m with AmaySim! Awesome, love the new notifications, battery is noticeably better already & it’s definitely running cooler than it had been! Worth the wait! Top job Google!