A couple of months ago, we reported that Electronic Arts was releasing a whole new SimCity platform game, called SimCity BuildIt for both iOS & Android, but not much detail was given at the time of the press release. Well the new app has finally been released onto the play store for free.

The app, allows you to be the mayor (no surprise there) of your own city which you build from scratch and watch as people begin to flock to your city as it grows. You administer to it and watch it grow, controlling services and handling disasters.

In the description field of the app on the play store, EA has stated SimCity BuildIt enables:

  • SimCity, reimagined for a new generation of mobile players
  • Solve real city problems like traffic, fires and pollution
  • Add basic city services, including water and electricity to keep your citizens happy and your city growing
  • Specialize your city with iconic landmarks, casinos, and more!
  • Create and trade resources with friends and other cities
  • Unleash natural (and not so natural) disasters
  • Explore your 3D city from all angles with 360° controls
  • Watch your city come to life – night and day!

The app is available over on Google Play for free, where it’s currently got a 3.8 Star rataing. It does offer some in-app purchases, which thanks to Google’s new feature we can tell you range in price from $1.29 – $129.99 per item. You can click the link below to download it or have a look at it on Google Play.

SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
Price: Free

Would you consider downloading and playing SimCity BuildIt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Source: EA Games.
Via: Google Play.
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    I’ve been playing for a month and still find it quite addictive.


    Is it free or freemium….

    Daniel Tyson

    Freemium. Definitely freemium


    Hah….thought so, will give it a go anyway


    do we know hoe playable the game is without the IAP?

    once bitten twice shy

    It is playable, just a bit more time consuming

    once bitten twice shy

    This is not new news. I’ve had this app on my tablet for a few weeks already. Tips for new beginners: Build up, not out. Upgrade existing residental buildings before building new ones. Higher population density is better for resourcing (Police, Health and Fire) Once you unlock the trading ship at a low level, stay at that low level and farm Golden Keys. It is the easiest way to get Golden Keys which provide massive bonuses. Basically the ship requests 3 resources which you can produce to sell a particular quantity. Once you get to higher levels, the resources the… Read more »