With any update to Android, there’s going to be teething issues. With the release of the Android L Previews, Google gave developers a chance to check to see if there apps would be compatible, as well as look good with Material Design. But it seems the Foxtel developers didn’t take advantage of the preview, with users on Android 5.0 reporting their app is crashing with the error ‘Unfortunately Presto has stopped’.

Presto itself is still fairly limited in its availability, as evidenced by the list of compatible Android versions and devices on the Foxtel device support page, which as you can see doesn’t support Android 5.0 – yet :
Foxtel Supported Devices

The crash reports have been listed both on the Presto Community support forum, as well as from Presto customers also reporting the issue to us directly. Ausdroid alumni Darren actually contacted Foxtel regarding the issues he was having on his device and was advised that the Presto Android team is aware of the problem, and is working on a fix which is due ‘in the coming weeks’.
Presto error

Foxtel is obviously aware of the issue now, so we hope it won’t be too many weeks coming for the customers affected by the issue.

Source: Foxtel Community Support.
Thanks: Darren.
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    George A Stephen

    Doesnt work on Lolipopo 5.0 or Marshmallow 6.01 on my Samsung Galaxy S5

    Tango India Mike

    I can’t believe how hopeless Foxtel is on this front…its almost like they’re daring Netflix to take their customers!


    I hope it comes quicker than Foxtel Go for Ice Cream Sandwich. (Still waiting, if you’re interested)


    Hopefully they do stick to their word and have a fix in a few weeks. Luckily I still have a really old tablet that it seems to work on, so at least I can still use it. (Or maybe Netflix will officially come to Australia)


    There is minimal chance of having an official Netflix for quite some time. We are too small of a market and I believe they have stated once that the Aussie rights holders want too much money.

    I’m surprised that no one has even attempted something competitive.


    this is a bit crap tbh. WTH have Foxtel been doing- there was a Lollipop preview build out…. i always expect more from such a big company but then considering they still say foxtel go won’t work on anything but samsung devices and N5 I’d say it’s par for the course. I’m off now to watch Foxtel go on my n7 2012, or maybe I’ll use my n10…


    I got banned from the Foxtel Community forums for keeping asking “when” and trolling them a bit, to be fair. The point is, they keep talking about their “development team” who are “working hard to bring Go to more devices”. Fact is they didn’t release it on the N4, N7, N7 (2013) and they only released it on the bloody N5 around the time I went to the L preview! I’m now waiting for delivery of my N6 so I reckon I’m going to be continually disappointed. And possibly banned off the forums again 😀

    john thomas

    Presto don’t work on chrome cast on my Nexus 7 on KitKat either lucky for me this is my free chrome cast month

    Paul Smedley

    Foxtel Go doesn’t work on Android 5.0 either….