Popular image editing app Aviary has updated to version 3.6. The new release includes a Material Design makeover for some parts of the app (but not the editor itself), and the newly-Adobified company has announced that users with Adobe accounts will be able to get all extra stickers, frames, effects and overlays for free until December 1, 2014.

Adobe purchased Aviary back in September, so the introduction of Adobe ID into the app isn’t too surprising. Purchases from store will be synced across multiple devices, making it easier to move from one mobile device to another.

New editing tools in this release include overlay stencils and vignettes, while new adjustment features Highlights, Shadows, Tint, and Fade are also along for the ride. These new editing tools are quite welcome, and you can find a number of additional options for them in Aviary’s shop, while the adjustment features are pretty much catching up to what we’d consider table stakes for editors in 2014. It’s where the company goes from here that we’re keen to see.

Aviary says they’ll be looking to introduce even more new features from inside their new home within Adobe and are encouraging people to keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter for updates and news. If you want to play a part in the development of the app, there’s also a beta test group.

Photo Editor by Aviary
Photo Editor by Aviary
Developer: Aviary, Inc.
Price: Free+

Do you use Aviary? Will you get an Adobe ID for the free effects? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Aviary Blog.
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    Geoffrey D'Unienville

    Downloaded all the updates as im a Adobe CC member… however word of warning to others instead of downloading all, pick the ones you actually want as there’s no option to filter through filters (oh gee i didn’t mean that) once they’re all installed … you’ll end up with an endless scroll in which you’ll never be able to find the effect you actually want