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The Moto 360 continues to be fairly scarce in terms of stock availability at Australian retailers, which means importers and online stores are cleaning up. But just because they appear to have all the stock doesn’t mean they can’t offer a great deal on the watch.

BetterIT, who we saw last offering a great deal on the LG G Watch R is now offering a Dark Chrome Moto 360 with Dark Leather band, for just $303.05 delivered or in Light Chrome with Light Leather Band for $304.47.

As with the G Watch R, and indeed anything you purchase from BetterIT, unless you pay by direct deposit or Money Order/Cheque, there’s an additional fee. Credit Card and BPay payments attract a small fee on top, but you can check out the fees involved for each payment type on their website.

The LG G Watch R deal only lasted a limited time, so there’s no telling how long this price will be offered for, but it’s not bad. Head on over to BetterIT and check it out.

Source: Light ChromeDark Chrome.