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OK, so of all the technological wizardry and outright toys I thought I’d never be reviewing for Ausdroid when I started as part of the team some 3+ years ago a cloth was surely on that list but here I am, starting to review; well… a cloth!

We all have the same issue with our mobile devices, fingerprints and greasy smears on the screens. It doesn’t matter how good you are at cleaning your hands and keeping your device clean it will always happen. We (humans) naturally excrete oil from our skin, it’s its just something we’re going to have to deal with unless someone comes up with a screen that’s consistently oleophobic and outright prevents fingerprints etc from getting on there.

In the meantime, the Mobile Cloth has just been released in Australia through Wholesale Distributor PC Range who already distrubute brands such at Droidax and internet routers by Billion in South Australia. It’s a pretty simple concept, a cleaning cloth that removes the unsightly smears, fingerprints and marks from your mobile device (or laptop) screen, removes germs along the way and it’s machine washable.

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The timing of its arrival was quite opportunistic too, just over a week after my Nexus 9 had arrived and really started to accumulate fingerprints and smears on the screen that were getting fairly difficult to remove. The Mobile Cloth is actually very good, the easy clean up on my tablet and how shiny the screen looked after I’d given it a good clean impressed me. There weren’t any little pieces of lint that you can get from some cleaning cloths I’ve tried and the screen looked like the moment I first unpacked the device from the box!

When you think about the cost, it’s not the cheapest cleaning cloth on the market at the moment. But at $17.95 for a pack of 5 standard cloths or $10.99 for 1 standard and 1 nano cloth, compared the results these are a really nice little stocking stuffer leading into Christmas. Keep in mind too that these aren’t just for mobile tech, you could easily use the Mobile Cloth for cleaning camera lenses, Laptop Screens or even your glasses.

If the Mobile Cloth is something that you think you might like, head over to the Australian Mobile Cloth Site to order yours today.

How often do you find yourself cleaning fingerprints and greasy smears from your mobile tech?

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    Paul Moss

    Mine arrived this morning.

    They perform as advertised, which it turns out is about the same as the microfibre cloth that comes with the Kleenex Viva TV & Computer Kit.


    Mine must have been delivered on Friday, as I’d forgotten to check the letter box that day, and don’t bother looking at it on the weekend.

    Sujay Vilash

    Just purchased a 5 pack and have noted Ausdroid as the referring point. Hope some kudos comes your way from PC Range. Thanks for the review, Phil.


    I get streak free cloths for free from my optometrist.


    Their postage options are bonkers.

    Other than that, looks good.

    Paul Moss

    How are they bonkers?


    40% on top of the purchase price of the 5 pack to get them shipped to you using regular post isn’t bonkers to you?

    Express post is $11 no matter what you purchase? That’s literally 100% on top of the price of the two pack.

    Seems excessive to me.

    Paul Moss

    The cost of shipping for the five pack are the cost of prepaid parcel post and express post satchels.

    Sujay Vilash

    Don’t think that is something that they control. It is not as if they can go to AusPost and say we will pay half the standard AusPost price. After all, that is they way monopoly’s work.


    I love the clearwipes from pharmacies for my glasses but this looks like I need one in my office, car, bed side draws, home office and next to the couch, that will have me covered 99% of my life.


    What’s the difference between the nano cloth and the standard cloth?

    Paul Moss

    The dimensions.


    Every day, same as my reading glasses.
    I’m definitely going to order a few of these.