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Sony is moving forward with their Xperia Z line, with what seems to be a six-monthly update cycle. With the Xperia Z3 launched in September, and if Sony sticks to the same schedule as earlier this year, we should be seeing the Xperia Z4 around Mobile World Congress(MWC) in February next year. Now a site has published pictures of what they claim is the digitiser for the Xperia Z4.

The shots show the digitiser next to the current digitiser from the Xperia Z3. If it is indeed the one being planned for use on the Xperia Z4, there appears to be some changes in-store for the Xperia Z4 design. The front camera and proximity sensor appear to have been swapped, and the speakers appear to be moved to the very top and bottom of the screen, where small cutouts have been made.

Spec wise, there’s rumours that unlike the Xperia Z2 to Z3 refresh, the Xperia Z4 will receive a significant spec bump. The rumours are suggesting that the Z4 will come with a 5.5″ QHD (2560X1440) resolution display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor and Adreno 430 GPU, also on-board will be 4GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The phone will apparently address another issue which many people have missed: wireless charging. As with all their top of the line phones, the Xperia Z4 is also expected to have an IP68 certification making it dust proof and water resistant.

There’s rumours that Sony could show off the phone in January at CES, but with the Xperia Z3 only just entering the market in the last couple of months, it’s more likely that MWC would be a better fit. With those rumoured specs, we’re pretty sure the Xperia Z4 would make quite the splash.

Source: FutureSupplier.
Via: Xperia Blog.
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Seriously Sony 16gb again?

David Anderton

yeh but you can put in a 128gb uSD so still pretty sweet


It’s interesting that for the Z4, Sony are moving away from having a single speaker grille as a cutout within the top bezel, to having dual speakers, one each located at the absolute top and bottom edges of the screen.

Could this be Sony’s attempt to best BoomSound ?


Nah, it’s returning to the superior design found on the Z2.


Please don’t be bigger than 5.2″
Please have at least 32gb storage
And for the win have a gpe version 🙂


Looking at that digitiser, it’s the same size as the Z3’s. So I’m not sure about that rumoured screen size increase. I hope it stays at 5.2″ too (and they can release an Ultra version for 6″+)…


Imagine a Z4 with:
5″ – 5.2″ 1080p Super AMOLED (I know Sony uses IPS LED)
Snapdragon 810
Some Ram
32- 64 GB storage
SD card slot
Qi Charging
Front facing stereo Speakers
this new camera sensor, I don’t care about front facing cameras but make it nice for others.
a good battery (I hate quoting size but in the 3200mAh range)
an even more refined look of the Z3 (no glass back please)
All running with GPE software and the Sony camera app (with a Locked boot loader I suppose)
Who wouldn’t buy the … out of that thing?


Needs to be rootable without unlocking the bootloader, so apps and data restores from any device can easily be done.


Sony aren’t going to put their camera app on an unlocked phone. It’s probably their most valuable android asset.


Rather than focusing on a single device, I would suggest a better approach is for Android to be modified so app data backup and restore can be done at a system level without the need for rooting or unlocking the bootloader.

The ease of backup and restore is one area where Apple craps all over Android.

Iain Simmons

I have a Z2 which is rooted with a locked bootloader.

Sony is very dev-friendly!


Apparently, the Z4 is the last model to be released before Sony switches to one flagship per year. So we shouldn’t be seeing the Z5 until 2016.


Yeah I hope so.

Now that they’ve “caught up” with the awesome Z3, they can reduce their cadence to something more manageable for their customers and partners!


If they ever think they got it right I might try one.


Slow down Sony!