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Since revelations that the NSA or other security agencies have been monitoring most communications, end-to-end encryption has been a hot buzzword in messaging circles. In their latest update, WhatsApp has announced that their messaging service has now implemented this encryption, becoming so secure that even they can’t read your messages, thanks to a partnership with Open Whisper Systems.

The WhatsApp update is now using Open Whisper Systems, TextSecure product to secure your messages from end-to-end. TextSecure has also published their source code, and to date has held up to scrutiny despite numerous public code audits. Open Whisper has also promised to continue building on their encryption methods, improving the Text Secure code, which should in turn end up in WhatsApp.

It seems that despite a lengthy implementation process, WhatsApp is commited to the encryption, with CTO of Open Whisper, Moxin Marlinspike telling TheVerge

It took six months to get the code ready for such a large deployment, beginning shortly after WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook. Most of our efforts have been focused on making our code easier to consume. I’ve been really impressed with the dedication and commitment WhatsApp has to the project.

With around 600million active users, WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging platforms around, incentive enough for any company to include higher levels of encryption. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to other platforms adopting end-to-end encryption on their services, but WhatsApp customers are now quite content.

Does the security of your messaging cause you concern at times, or are you happy to continue with lower levels of encryption?

Source: The Verge.
Via: Android Central.
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    Luke Voigt

    This is a Lie , I can get the messages From the Phones Local Sqlite Datebase , It stores all of them Their , Plus their is a open source Python script to decrypt The Messages


    Considering your grasp of the correct use of ‘Their’ vs ‘There’ in a sentence is non-existent, excuse the rest of us while we don’t listen to you espouse your ‘knowledge’ about encryption and its effectiveness.

    What you probably need to read from this article is that it is ‘End-to-End’ encryption, meaning it rules out man in the middle attacks. If someone gets hold of your phone, it’s a different matter.

    Please at least read and comprehend the source before you continue to comment.


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    It is a real shame they don’t have a desktop client as well. This is probably the one and only reason I don’t bother with WhatsApp.


    Would like a tablet client. That would be nice..

    Phil Tann

    Viber has both, that’s why I use it over WhatsApp as my preferred messaging. I still have both installed on my phone but Viber is my go-to

    Darren Ferguson

    I’d love hangouts to get this.