Photo Sphere Icon
Let’s get this straight: Photo Spheres are awesome – sharing them is not. Since Google introduced Photo Spheres into the stock camera on Android 4.2, we’ve all at least tried it, to varying amounts of success. Sharing them has been limited due to the reliance on Google+, it got a little easier when Google allowed you to embed them in Google Maps, but it’s now even easier, with the option to embed Photo Spheres and Streetview images in your website.

To add them in all you need is access to Google Maps and the embed code will be given to you straight up. Simply find the Streetview image, or your publicly available Photo Sphere and select the gear icon, then the Embed tab and the code in the form of an iFrame is generated – copy and paste and you’re done.

Of course talking about Photo Spheres we can’t go past this one, which even Google themselves liked a lot.

Share a link to your favourite Streetview or Photo Sphere on Google Maps

Source: Google Developers.