Galaxy Note 3 - Lollipop Preview
Samsung has already hinted at the Lollipop release for the Galaxy Note 4 on Twitter. But with the Galaxy Note 3 only a year old, and still highly capable hardware wise, you can rest assured that Samsung has been working on the Android 5.0 update for the phone. SamMobile has gotten their hands on a Note 3 running an early build of Lollipop and shown it off in one of their videos.

Apparently the major changes in the Samsung makeover of Lollipop for the Note 3, involves a change of the Green tones and shadings to a more familiar Samsung Blue. The good news is that all the fantastic, smooth Lollipop animations have been transported over and are running nicely. Overall though, the new update is similar to what Samsung has built for the Galaxy S4, but if you’re interested, check out the complete walkthrough below:

Source: SamMobile.