With the competitive pressure of modern business, few people are willing to admit how long they waste, completing time-consuming processes like entering data and sorting through files manually.

The cost of manual document management can be much more than the cost of the paper itself – in fact, it can run into several thousands of dollars a year per employee. Productivity suffers, sometimes by up to 33%, and always affects the business’s ability to compete.

We call this time-wastage the ‘hidden cost of labour’ but it can be eradicated – the solution – using the power of data capture and scan-to process.

Document capture solutions integrate paper documents into electronic office workflows. They take the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to a whole new level – with their ability to manipulate data of different types and convert it into digital format.

Employing a really effective, electronic workflow for each standard process is a huge cost saver – more so than most businesses or even IT professionals realise. It speeds up time-consuming tasks, records simple processes so they can be improved upon and, with easy access to centrally stored files, allows all members of a team to work remotely.

Today, you can choose from a range of digital document management options to suit your needs.

  • i2 Scan is a batch scanning application that automates the scanning, naming, indexing and storing of your documents. By batch scanning larger volumes you can speed up the entire document naming and storing process.
  • eCopy ShareScan is a document capture solution that integrates paper documents into electronic office workflows. Essentially, it allows you to channel your scanned data into your existing business systems – how handy is that? You simply follow a clear pathway from the point of scanning at the MFP to a list of more than 100 back-end and line-of-business applications including Documentum, DocuWare, HP TRIM, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint and many more.
  • PSI:Capture is a powerful 3rd generation document capture application that meets all possible scanning and import needs. It can even send scanned information into 50 types of Financial/CRM/ECM systems! You can put it to work quickly and it is really easy to use, making it a great return on investment.
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 is a powerful data capture and document processing solution that provides a single point of entry for physical forms and documents into business ready data. FlexiCapture 10 recognises multiple languages. It automatically converts hand-written data into digital forms that can be separated and classified. Once again, ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 can be integrated with your back-end systems. It will fit with your particular business processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Businesses who completely convert to digital document management massively improve their productivity; they also tighten up their document security. So, whether you are expanding your business, taking on new challenges or simply trying to keep up to speed with online technology, automated data capture makes improving a business easy and profitable.

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