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Sydney developer Daniel Grech has released a new Android app aimed squarely at users of Sydney’s public transport systems which are almost completely moved across to the Opal smartcard ticketing system.

Called Sydney OpalTracker, this new Android app allows you to perform the simple task of checking your Opal balance on your mobile, but it offers much more. Not only can you fire up the app to see your balance, travel history, and even travel statistics, but you can add a widget to your home screen to see your balance without having to open anything, and if you’re an Android Wear user, you can even get a popup notification there, too, of what your balance is.

If you’ve got more than one Opal (e.g. one for business and one for pleasure, or cards for family members) you can track multiple cards with the app, allowing you to keep an eye on your travel spend across all your cards. As you can see above, the app’s design is entirely material, and it’s pretty.

The functionality is good too, and it just goes to show that Aussie developers, of all sizes, are a pretty talented bunch.

If you want to try out Sydney OpalTracker, here’s the Play Store link:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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    Hugh Jackman mate

    Of course it goes without saying that you need to have your Opal card registered and have a login.

    Which is why I can never use this app. There seems to be precious little the government doesn’t know about us anymore, no need to add my daily travel destinations to that 😀

    Sujay Vilash

    Does an app exist for Melbourne’s myki system that does similar things to OpalTracker?


    Add this one to the list. Do people care that much about tracking their usage? I give the activity statement a look over (and have found errors) but live tracking with a widget seems excessive.


    why call it sydney opaltracker? opal is a state wide system… NSW is a big place and is a lot more than sydney


    Does TfNSW have plans to roll out Opal north of Newcastle, south of Wollongong, or west of the Blue Mountains?


    even if it didn’t, those are three areas already that are not part of sydney.

    and it already has – you can use your opal card to get as far as goulburn in the south, and scone in the north… (over 450km apart) bus and train services in the lower and upper hunter have also been opal activated. wouldn’t surprise me if larger towns further north such as port macquarie end up getting opal on their city bus lines at some stage (but that’s a guess on my part).


    I had yet to hear of it being used in those areas, in the threads on Whirlpool discussing the Opal cards.


    Why not look at the Opal website where it clearly tells you this.