Humble Bundle Mobile - Crescent Moon Games
It’s been a few weeks since we saw a new Mobile Humble Bundle, but they’re back and this time they’ve got a mass of games, with a few Android games making their debut.

As usual it’s a pay whatever you want deal, where you’ll get a selection of games, but the more you pay, the more you get, with anyone paying over US$8 getting everything. The pay-whatever-you-want level will get you Space Chicks Premium and 2-Bit Cowboy which make their debut in this bundle, as well as Neon Shadow and Ravensowrd: Shadowlands.

If you want to pay more than the average though, which stands at US$7.05 at this stage, you’ll get Topia WOrld Builder, Shadow Blade, Mines of Mars and Blocky Roads, with ‘More games coming soon!’

The big feature though is the US$8 bundle which gets you all the other games, plus The Deer God Alpha and Exiles: Far Colony Alpha – both making their Android debut.

The Humble Bundle team has also added a new way to incentivise people to pay more – as if a heap of games wasn’t reason enough, with new unlockable content being offered. As the cumulative total for the Humble Bundle grows, more games will be unlocked, with Siegecraft Defender the first on the list.

Humble Bundle Mobile - Crescent Moon Games - Incentives

The usual payment options of Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon payment Google Wallet and Bit Coin are in place and of course you can split your payment between the Humble Bundle Team, the developers and of course two charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.