Quokka - Galaxy Note 4
From having nine of the top ten deadliest snakes in the world, to having Great White Sharks cruising the coast and Saltwater crocs cruising the rivers, Australia has a reputation when it comes to wildlife. But it’s not all bad, and it’s great to see one of the cutest animals in the world brought into focus in the latest video from Samsung, which shows off the camera functions of the Galaxy Note 4.

The Quokka for those not familiar is a marsupial, sort of like a small kangaroo, which lives in only one place: Rottnest Island of the coast of WA. Samsung has taken a Galaxy Note 4 over to the island and captured the cute little macropod in its environment. They’ve also taken the opportunity to show off the camera features on the Galaxy Note 4. It’s a cute video and anything which lets you watch Quokkas is a good thing.

Check it out – and the camera functions too :

Source: Samsung Mobile.
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Eats roots and leaves. A classic Aussie.


I think “eats roots and leaves” is referring to the Koala isn’t it ?
Rottnest was originally called Ratsnest because of all the Quokkas…


Eats roots and leaves in fact refers to wombats……

Brian Chambers

Quokkas aren’t just found out Rottnest Island, they are found throughout the jarrah forests of the lower south west of WA and on Bald Island off the WA south coast . Good to see Samsung using them in their advertising though.

Joshua Hill

Video won’t play for me even through the youtube app. Anyone else having probs? I’m finding my N7 is very buggy since flashing lollipop yesterday 🙁