Aldi Surprise Specials 3 Dec 2014

The tech specials are starting to gear up for Christmas and Aldi is looking to capture the budget conscious consumer looking for a bargain this Christmas.

The Onix 10.1 Tablet & Onix 4″ smartphone have previously been offered by Aldi earlier this year and just in case you have forgotten here is Specs for each device.

Onix 10.1 Tablet


There isn’t a lot of information given spec wise, but from what we do know it is a basic tablet that offers Android 4.4 straight out of the box and does have some grunt under the hood from the spec sheet. Here is what we do know the tablet does come with:

  • 10.1″ display
  • A23 Dual Core A7, 1.5GHz CPU
  • Front and rear camera
  • 16GB internal storage capacity, expandable via MicroSD Card
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

The Onix 10.1 Tablet will come in 3 available colours – black, white and pink. The Onix 10.1 tablet is available this coming Wednesday 3 December at you local Aldi Store for $99.99.

Onix 4″ Smartphone
Onix 4%22 smartphone

Not much is exactly known spec wise, but based on the specs its a pretty low end device. the Onix smartphone comes with:

  • 4″ Display
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 4GB internal memory, expandable to 32GB vis MicroSD Card
  • 2MP camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Android 4.2

A major selling point is that the device is unlocked and can work on any of the major 3 Telcos (i.e Optus, Telstra & Vodafone) along with MVNO’s like Boost, AldiMobile, iiNet & Dodo, just to name a few.
The Onix 4″ smartphone is available from this coming Wednesday 3 December from your local Aldi store for $99.99.

Aldi are also offering some accessories to go both with the Onix tablet and smartphone, such as a 10.1 tablet accessory pack that comes with tablet case, AC adaptor and headphone with the pack coming in 3 colours like Black, White and Pink. The tablet accessory pack will go on sale for $14.99.

There is also a mix of mobile phone accessories which are suitable for any Android device which include AC charger, 12V car charger or a Universal Car Phone Mount. Each accessory is available $11.99 and is available alongside the Tablet Accessory pack from this Wednesday 3 December 2014.

Source: Aldi Surprise Specials - Wednesday 3 Dec.
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    Janelle Traci Londrigan

    Can someone tell me how to gelete pictures from the gallery please.


    1/ Go to gallery
    2/ Select photo you want to delete
    3/ Press on the 3 verticaly aligned dots(top right corner)
    4/ press the first option, delete
    ( If you want to select more than 1 photo, you must:
    1/ Go to Gallery
    2/ Select the album the photos are in
    3/Press on the 3 verticaly aligned dots(top right corner)
    4/ press the option, “select item”
    5/ select all the photos you would like to delete
    6/Press on the 3 verticaly aligned dots(top right corner)

    7/ Press on the first option, delete


    Just wondering as I am helping a Friend, is there a Manual for the Onix Smartphone as, I have looked on the Internet and I haven’t found one.


    yes, when one buys the phone, the manual should be in the box

    John Dunlop

    The Aldi catalog I got in the mail claims a 1.3ghz quad core processor for the tablet. I also wonder if it has hdmi out.

    james snow

    has any one got the drivers for the 10.1″ tablet


    You don’t need any. the tablet is designed to work out of the box.


    No can you help me


    Has anybody been able to buy a case for an Onyx 10.1 tablet. I’ve been to several Aldi stores but none of them have any in stock.


    Does any one have a problem plugging in their headphones in the android smartphone.
    Manual don’t say crap.


    the 9 inch tablet that i bought from aldi’s doesn’t have a sim card slot.supposed to have one.anyone else have the same problem.


    yes took the plunge today and so far so good. like all new phones it is a learning curve atm.


    Has anyone been brave and taken the plunge?


    Does this ONIX 10.1 tablet have the phone feature like the 9 inch ONIX tablet Aldi sold?


    Where is the detail specs of this ONIX 10.1 tablet? What is the details of the cameras on the tablet? If the tablet is commencing sale on 3 Dec there is very little time to take a decision


    All the detail we get, is scarce info Onix lets Aldi put in their ads.
    We won’t have any Real Details till someone buys one of these, and posts that accurate info here.


    The ONIX 10.1 tablet looks like those they sell in China for around $AU 60. Specifications are the same as Aldi’s. Some more specifications would be:
    A33 – Quad Core Processor (4 x Cortex A7 & Mali-400MP GPU)
    ! GB RAM (0.8GB usable)
    front/back camera 0.3 MP
    battery run-time up to 4 hours
    It is probably worth $100 from Aldi. Ordering from China is about $30 postage, risk of loss and can take up to 2 month.

    David McAuley

    How much RAM does this tablet have? Doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere which I find a little ominous…

    Eyes Open



    Is it certain that the 10.1in tablet is running KitKat?
    I thought kitKat devices had a transparent status bar.


    I would guess it is jelly bean.

    Well, it is going to be cheap so one can’t expect lollipop or even kitkat.


    Thing is, the advertised specs for the tablet, say the tablet is running KK 4.4


    My Nexus 7 currently running KitKat has the black bars – but my Nexus 5 had transparent bars when it was running KitKat.

    Maybe it’s a tablet thing.

    Another interesting question is will the tablet only have 1GB of space for apps (including Google Apps) – like the Aldi Bauhn tablet that was recently on sale – also running KitKat, but with a weird 1GB partition that makes it useless?

    Edwin Crump

    $100 is pretty good. This would be great as a tablet for the grandparents